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Zahnersatz International Dental Laboratory Joins the Dentacoin Partner Network

Published by Petar Stoykov on

July 17th, 2018: With last week’s new dental lab addition to the Dentacoin network, we are happy to announce that another laboratory is joining us, allowing for more dentists to use Dentacoin as a means of payment in their daily workflow. Zahnersatz International, based in Bad Iburg, Germany begins accepting Dentacoin as a means of payment. Thus, becoming the first German dental laboratory within the Dentacoin partner network!

Zahn Ersatz Dentacoin


About Zahnersatz International

Zahnersatz International are specialists in the field of modern production of high quality dentures. Their highly qualified dental technicians work interdisciplinary with dental implantologists, dentists, CNC specialists and 3D printing specialists. The dental prosthesis they manufacture are durable and aesthetic, biocompatible and comfortable to wear.

In production, they rely on state-of-the-art, CAD / CAM milling technology, intraoral scanners, 3D printing. In this way they can guarantee the highest precision in the manufacturing of dentures, ensuring long-lasting results – better conditions and guaranteed quality, in comparison with conventional dental labs. In Zahnersatz International passion and innovative spirit meet contemporary technologies. With the help of digital CAD / CAM technology, they can manufacture their products globally and locally at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.


Connecting End-to-End

As Zahnersatz International joins the Dentacoin partner network, we take another step forward towards bringing much needed efficiency to everyone involved in the dental industry. Along with Arklign, CA and Ecodent, NY, Zahnersatz International becomes the third dental laboratory in the global Dentacoin partner network.

By connecting dentists, patients, suppliers, dental labs and service agencies around the world end-to-end in an efficient manner, by means of a common industry-specific currency and other mutually beneficial applications, Dentacoin closes the currency cycle and achieves its conceptual goal of bringing efficiency to all stakeholders in the dental industry.

On one hand, patients are able to earn Dentacoin, by using our tools (DentaVox, Trusted Reviews and Dentacare Health Training), trade it on exchange platforms, as well as purchase treatments and consumables at our partner venues. 

On the other, dentists can utilize the Dentacoin they’ve earned from both patients and tools in return for dental restorations, supplies and relevant services. As network participants take advantage of this simplified, highly automated, cost effective and secure payment system, the currency cycle is closed, while also triggering powerful network effects. This means that with each new participant the network value increases for all existing participants.

See all partners here.

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