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Dentacoin future value

What would be the future value of Dentacoin (DCN)?

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“How to calculate the future value of a token?”
“What would be the future value of Dentacoin (DCN)?”

These are questions that crypto holders ask themselves before making any investment.

Nowadays, the value behind most of the Blockchain concepts is highly speculative and susceptible to artificially created and sensitive bubbles. It is a rare occurrence to find a precise evaluation of a Blockchain concept, due to the fact that often no real business plans exist. And it seems like the future hopes, based solely on faith, as well as the pursuit of quick profits are overtaking the rational thinking.

But aren’t we here for the long-run?

The above mentioned, of course, could not be a long-term approach and more and more organizations are starting to realize that. Economic success always steps on numbers. Faith is needed, but it could be a very unstable basis. Long-term success requires calculating, deep market understanding, planning, analyzing, rational thinking, controlling, constant optimizing. Otherwise, big ideas would never make it to successfully implemented concepts. They would easily be forgotten after the collected funds are used with no significant success. Thus, a lot of money would be burnt, comparably to the “new markets” creation in the USA and Europe in the late 1990s.

What about Blockchain-based industrial solutions?

While Ethereum has a real chance to be the leading Blockchain platform also in future, Blockchain-based B2C industrial solutions will be the real winners on the market.

Dentacoin, for instance, is a custom token for the global dental industry. Apart from being designed as an industrial means of payment, Dentacoin is developing numerous tools with a common purpose: to create a community between patients and dentists and thus – to improve the overall treatment quality worldwide. Simultaneously, dentists will achieve significant economic success, as they will have a loyal patient base to help them improve the quality of service and treatment provided. Additionally, costs of all market participants will be reduced.

These results are supported by the real-world experiences of our first partner clinics (see their report here). Currently all previous expectations are met.

“Win-win” models are changing the world for the better…

To the point: What would be the future value of Dentacoin (DCN)?

Let’s recapitulate the Market development steps:

  1. Short-term (5 years): First 3 global campaigns are to generate 0.1% of the target market share.
  2. Medium-term (10 years): Reaching 1% of the target market through the developed Health Database, Dentacoin Insurance, and Trading Platform.
  3. Long-term (25 years): In the planned rollout period 10% of the target market share will be reached.

The calculation of the future value is based on the number of Dentacoin wallets created. Within the first 3 stages of its development, Dentacoin Foundation aims to achieve a market share of 10%. In the global dental industry, this 10% market share means 600 million patients and 200 000 dentists (12.5% of all dentists), using the Dentacoin value-creating tools. 10% of the market share, with a corresponding rate of USD 60 per patient and USD 600 per dentist, a company value of approximately USD 36.12 billion is generated. (USD 3.6 billion per 1% market share).

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Are there also other Crypto-Currencys accepted? Because ETHer has big difficulties in the last days. No transaction on the Desktop-Wallet is going through… and I didn´t want to miss this one! Thanks for Info.


    Dentacoin Admin

    Hello again.

    We have recommended two ways to buy DCN during the Presale here: When making the transaction, we advice you to set the Gas limit to 200 000 so that your transaction could go through.

    Let us know if any other questions come up.



If I have dentacoin from exchanges, how to store them in a safe place ?


    Dentacoin Admin

    For storing Dentacoin we recommend to use e.g. MyEtherWallet (here is how to create one if yps:// It also have an offline version. You can also use MetaMask:
    For a next level of security, you can consider a hardware wallet such as TREZOR or Ledger Nano S.


Jan Hudec

dear i hope that in the future the coin go up up up as i cant imagine pay dentist for teats whitening 1000000 of coins or more lol… by me the coin should be valued like 200$ per coin

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