Dear community,

We are beyond happy to share that thanks to our mutual efforts Dentacoin now has a real chance to be listed on one of the top exchange platforms: OKEx!

CLICK HERE to show your support by voting for DCN until 18:00 May 11, 2018 (Hong Kong time)! It takes only two minutes but it could lead to a significant value and volume increase, according to the results marked by other projects. Let’s do this together! Let’s take DCN to the next level!

Vote for Dentacoin to be listed on OKEx

Please follow these three simple steps:

1) Follow @OKEx_ on Twitter:
2) Retweet their tweet:
3) Add a comment to the same tweet, containing @dentacoin, #Dentacoin, $DCN and a good reason why you think DCN should be listed on OKEx

By participating in the voting you will also have the chance to win 12000 RFR!

Please keep in mind that you retweeting and liking comments of other supporters might help but it’s not counted as voting unless you comment uniquely!

Don’t forget to invite other friends to vote for Dentacoin too!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Dentacoin Team

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Spacov · 9th May 2018 at 11:25 pm

Together we will achieve this humanitarian goal.

Congratulations for the initiative…

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