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[UPDATE] Dentacare Website Now Revamped

Published by Dentacoin Team on

Hello, new Dentacare Website! Fresher, cooler, fuller. 


Time to roll out the red carpet for the brand new version of the Dentacare website! Learn more about the app on its fresh homepage, download the latest versions, redeem your iOS Dentapoints and get your kids involved in an exciting tooth-brushing adventure for the entire family!


One-Of-A-Kind Oral Care Journey

Since November 2017 Dentacare has challenged over 42.1K adults and children to take better care of their teeth and earn rewards. The new Dentacare website is here to attract even more people to join and monetize their efforts.  



You can take a sneak peek into the Dentacare challenge before you even start. Get acquainted with how our health training app can help you overcome one of the biggest bores of healthcare routines and kickstart your journey into the world of cryptocurrencies! You can earn monetary rewards (Dentacoin tokens or redeemable Dentapoints for iOS users) just for brushing your teeth and maintaining the positive habit. 



Fun for the Entire Family

We aim at getting everyone involved in taking better care of their teeth – from children to adults. And that’s where the upcoming game Dentacare: Jaws of Battle steps in. Face fierce opponents, destroy their teeth and protect yours! Suffered casualties? Just brush your teeth to recover your troops and get ready for more exciting adventures into the world of dental care. Teach your kids the importance of dental health from an early age but forget about the boring academic experience – let them have fun as they learn! 


P.S. No worries, we have no age limitations! Parents can also join the battle!  



So what are you waiting for? Hop on to to dive straight into the portal and make oral hygiene fun for you and everyone involved! 

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