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Dr. Ravi Kumar

Universal Dental Clinic Partners With Dentacoin

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This week in Dentacoin Partner Network we welcome the Universal Dental Clinic of Dr. Ravi Kumar. With a commitment to community wellbeing, Dr. Kumar has a mission to provide lifelong sustainable oral health for patients. And how is he doing that? By high-quality personalized dental care in a comfortable and relaxed environment! With 2 clinic locations in the city of Gorakhpur, there have been more than 3000 patients treated already. Let’s find out why they chose to trust Universal Dental Clinic!


Growing India’s Market


With growing partnerships in the lands of India, there is no doubt that Dentacoin is developing at a fast pace. Now that more and more dental practices are adopting DCN tools, it has come time to raise awareness about preventative dental care on a large scale. Dr. Kumar is sure that tendencies of digital dentistry trends will surely improve the standards for dental treatments. 


“Dentacoin is going to create a revolution in the field of dentistry in the upcoming years. People who used to neglect dental treatment due to high costs, don’t need to worry anymore! Dentacoin gives rewards for doing surveys, and this can be used as a currency for dental treatments” comments Dr. Kumar.


As more than 80% of the adults’ population has cavities, it is no secret that dental care is not widely spread in India, let alone in rural areas. Other stats further examine that not even 20% of the rural centers around the country have dentist professionals. That is definitely an issue that needs fundamental measures to be resolved. And change is created by adopting progressive practices and revolutionary thinking. Within the crushing differences in the social standards, Dentacoin is one of the solutions for people to get easier dental care access, observed Dr. Kumar.




Creating Healthy Smiles in Gorakhpur 


Dr. Ravi Kumar is a native of the Gorakhpur area and loves serving the community. He completed his post-graduate studies in the specialty of orthodontics dentistry in the state capital Lucknow. There he served as a faculty member at Saraswati Dental College and worked at S.I.P.S Hospital. 


In 2020 Dr. Ravi Kumar established his own practice in his hometown Gorakhpur. Universal Dental came to life with Dr. Kumar’s vision to use modern knowledge and skills for the benefit of the community. With a dedication to teamwork, the four-member staff is incorporating their values into enhancing the oral health of patients. 


Advanced treatment is of utmost priority for Dr. Kumar. He spends hundreds of hours investing in advanced educational courses each year. That includes studying the latest trends in Orthodontic techniques, general dentistry, implants, and cosmetic dentistry improvements. He is not only devoted to his profession, but he is also deeply inspired to make people smile confidently.


“My goal is to help patients keep their natural teeth healthy for as long as possible, hopefully for life! This does not merely mean for teeth to be present, but to look good, feel good, and function well due to excellent care!” shares Dr. Kumar.


With such devotion to the dental profession, we are sure that Dr. Kumar’s practice will soon collect many positive reviews! And have you visited Universal Dental? If you have, do not miss to leave your feedback on their Trusted Reviews page! 



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I have visited the clinic for my Teeth Alignment.
Very much satisfied with the treatment.
Dr. Ravi Kumar is very friendly.

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