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UPDATE (April 6, 2020): An additional ETH/DCN trading pair has been added to VinDAX exchange.


Time to deliver some exciting news for holders and traders alike, as Dentacoin becomes listed on VinDAX (in top 40 on CoinMarketCap by monthly volume). Users will be able to trade their favourite digital asset for the dental industry against Bitcoin (BTC). In the future we will consider adding more pairs.


About VinDAX

VinDAX was founded as the Vin Digital Asset Exchange platform and aims to connect blockchain assets with a wide audience from around the world via an intuitive and beautifully designed interface. Additionally, VinDAX has also implemented its own VD token with the intention of facilitating trade and providing various benefits for its users on the platform.


The platform is built with both rookie and experienced traders alike in mind, by offering vital trading indicators, big data, analytics, community strategies, fundamental analysis, and API trading. VinDAX serves traders with simple and easy-to-understand risk management and profit-taking strategies and at the same time is able to provide the key advanced features that institutional traders desire.


Buy/ Sell Dentacoin on VinDAX

We are thrilled to add another partner to the ever-expanding list of exchanges supporting Dentacoin and thus bring more liquidity and better price discovery for the token. As mentioned above, Dentacoin (DCN) will be paired against Bitcoin (BTC) and additionally against Ether (ETH) since April 6, 2020 with as low trading fees as 0.05% for both maker and taker. 


The fees can be reduced up to 0.02% by holding certain amounts of the exchange’s local currency – VD. When it comes to withdrawal, the minimum is set to 100 DCN with a 0.005 ETH withdrawal fee but no deposit fee whatsoever.


What’s Next?

We are always on the lookout for more exchange platforms. The other most recent entrants were BitStorage and LBank (after winning a voting competition there). The responsible team members are constantly communicating with exchange platform representatives, as well as with community members for recommendations and experience. 


Don’t miss the good news – keep track of the latest announcements in our Telegram group!


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