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The success factors behind Dentacoin

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Prof. Dr. Dimitrakiev, the Founder of Dentacoin Foundation, explains more about the projects, being developed to revolutionize the Global Dental Industry. Why is he so convinced in the success of the Dentacoin concept? What are The success factors behind Dentacoin? Learn below.

Prof. Dimitrakiev, in your statements and interviews you have explained the Dentacoin concept from different points of view. What is the central mission of Dentacoin?

Prof. Dimitrakiev: It is an utter unfairness that only wealthy and middle class people have the privilege to afford state-of-the-art dental care. Nowadays, fixed teeth solutions with implants f.e. are the best treatment option for elderly people and a prerequisite for a normal, dignified life. But the reality is that the majority of people globally cannot afford these treatments. Thus, for budget reasons they have to settle with lower quality solutions, such as unreliable removable dentures. Here comes Dentacoin. Our team consists of dentists, insurance professionals, industry 4.0 experts, software developers, economists, marketing specialists who have already realized the need of change. We are developing a global industrial solution on the basis of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Why should a crypto-investor buy Dentacoins?

Prof. Dimitrakiev: Dentacoin is a long-term concept aiming at improving the dental care quality worldwide and reducing the costs. This could not happen with one single action; it is a sequence of purposeful measures. Besides giving voting rights to all coin holders and being used as an united cryptocurrency for the dental industry, DCN provides value-creating tools (a feedback system, a dental care app, an educational website), which are based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Those tools, together with a game-changing insurance model, will inevitably improve the dental industry providing various benefits for suppliers, patients and dentists. Simultaneously, the costs will be tangibly reduced for all involved parties.

You mentioned that Dentacoin gives a voting right to each coin owner – how is that?

Prof. Dimitrakiev: According to the statute of the Foundation every single decision that is made by the management, as well as all financial statements, must be shown and clarified to the Dentacoin owners. The integrated voting system then gives coin owners the opportunity to vote on these decisions. Coin owners are therefore involved in all business activities and have a great influence on them.

The global industrial concept of Dentacoin, the limited total supply and the specific distribution model are prerequisites for DCN’s increase in value in the long-term. But anyone who wants to make a lot of fast money should not speculate with Dentacoin as the exchange rate could be volatile from time to time.

How can people receive Dentacoin?

Prof. Dimitrakiev: In the recent future, Dentacoins can be purchased through Ether in the first upcoming Public Presale (1. July 2017) and later – at the ICO. Dentacoin can also be received through using some of the specific tools developed for our partner clinics. Both patients and dentists are rewarded with Dentacoins for each action which generates a value for the dental industry. More concrete: As a part of our test phase, first partner dental clinics have already implemented Dentacoin as a payment method and as a basis of their Patient Loyalty Program which rewards patients for sending feedback, writing reviews, making recommendations. Their excitement about the first results collected is the real proof of concept. According to our partners, Dentacoin is a highly beneficial tool for creating a community with the patients and for improving the service quality by aligning it with patients’ needs.

You mean that there are already dentists and patients working actively with Dentacoin?

Prof. Dimitrakiev: Yes. From the first experiences gathered, patients really enjoy and appreciate being constantly asked for their opinion on the service and treatment quality. They feel they have the opportunity to make a difference. There are hundreds of patients having DCN in their wallets and some of them have already used them as a discount from their treatment. And we are still in a test phase!

The funds collected from the presale in July will be used to develop and implement numerous, already created projects ideas, as well as to communicate with the industry and the public.

You sound very confident when talking about the future progress of Dentacoin. What stands behind this confidence?

Prof. Dimitrakiev: We see that we can easily inspire patients and dentists with our concept. We see fascinating results. My confidence is not based on groundless beliefs; it based on these facts.
We are close to purchase a state-of-the-art dental clinic with an integrated digital laboratory in London paying in DCN. The business plan of the company is valued using the discounted cash flow method (DCF) to aprox. GBP 90 million. The seller will accept the purchase to be paid exclusively in Dentacoins. This will be a very big step for the DCN value development.

This first, very important deal will be realized before our first ICO, even before the Presale. Currently, the purchase contracts are being prepared by attorneys and are close to completion. For the first time in the history of cryptocurrency, a real company will be acquired and paid for exclusively through tokens (DCN).

Why would the seller accept Dentcoins as a mean of payment?

Prof. Dimitrakiev: The seller is convinced in the Dentacoin value. Just as simple as that.

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