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The Lotus Dental Care, India Starts Using Dentacoin Tools and Currency

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Time to return to India once again, as we welcome yet another new partner from the region – Dr. Suraj Shukla and The Lotus Dental Care



About The Lotus Dental Care

What stands behind the clinic’s name, you might ask yourselves. The team explains that the lotus flower is a symbol of purity and beauty, that emerges from the mud to blossom – much like a neglected tooth receiving treatment, thus making it pure and beautiful again after proper care. 

Employing sophisticated equipment and the latest technology, the practice delivers long-term effective treatment from their Marathwada-based location in Western India. Thanks to the team of dentists specialized in all fields of dentistry, The Lotus Dental Care is well-prepared to meet every patient’s dental needs from root canal treatment to implants, braces, dentures, and even full-mouth rehabilitation.



Apart from being an excellent dentist, Dr. Shukla is well-versed in blockchain technology as well. He sees great potential in utilizing the technology to replace legacy financial systems and realizes the great potential in healthcare as a means of better, more secure access to patient data for research purposes. The doctor has also written articles on the subject, which you can find available on his Medium page.


Spearheading Crypto Adoption in India

We are excited to have Dr. Shukla join the Dentacoin partner network. Having a partner that is well-versed in the potential of blockchain technology is an amazing opportunity to break the ice with many potential newcomers. 


“As an experienced dentist I see great utility in both Trusted Reviews as a means of getting valuable patient feedback, as well as in DentaVox for the insights it provides over the global dental market and its trends,” he commented on the Dentacoin tools.


Dr. Shukla is already taking advantage of the tools to reach more potential patients, having a dedicated profile of his clinic on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. Have you received treatment in The Lotus Dental Care before? Hop on and leave your feedback:



“I’m looking forward to providing a stable foundation for Dentacoin in my country and foster a larger audience of international patients by implementing DCN as a means of payment in my practice,” Dr. Shukla concluded.


The Lotus Dental Care joins the Dentacoin partner network and along with another recent partner – Japjee Family Clinic – brings the tally up to 18 locations in the area. Having a strong foothold in India has been of great benefit for Dentacoin’s international presence at now 106 establishments in 28 countries. See all partners here:


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