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The Dental Square Joins Dentacoin Partner Network

Published by Pamela Doneva on

As the new season is approaching, we are happy to welcome many new partners ahead! Starting with The Dental Square, based in Gwalior, India. With more than 10 years of experience behind his back, Dr. Sudhanshu Kushwah runs the clinic successfully. His mission is to create pleasant dental experiences, powered by the use of smart technologies. Now with Dentacoin tools in his hands, he is even more determined to keep up with the progressive work.


Technology Helps Create Pleasant Dental Experiences


The Dental Square strives to give a unique experience to each patient. With flexible working hours, open even at times such as Saturday evening and Sunday morning, the clinic does not leave the toothache in patients’ mouths for too long! Dr. Sudhanshu Kushwah uses technology to enhance the positive results of his already profound dental treatments. He is sure that in technology lies the answer to a pleasant dental experience. The Dental Square already has a tech system that reduces treatment-related pain.


Having joined Dentacoin Partner Network, the clinic is now offering more smart solutions. With that in mind, Dr. Sudhanshu Kushwah is now ready not only to cure patients but to participate in preventative dental care.


“What I like about Dentacoin, is that it connects patients and dentists. It helps build stronger and deeper relations, which I believe will also last a long time! Talking about the future, I see how smart technologies will take over each industry, including the dental industry. Dentacoin is a cryptocurrency of the future, and I like to be part of the change”


Being part of a revolutionary change in an industry is not easy. Dr. Sudhanshu Kushwah is open-minded, yet he is also true to his traditional believes and values of doing good. Ultimately that drives him each day to create a better world.


And have you visited The Dental Square? Check their Trusted Reviews page, and leave a review if you had visited the dental practice!


Special Measures in Times of Pandemic


Dr. Kushwah, who leads the practice, is a dentist devoted to helping others. In stressful and difficult times still heavily influenced by Covid-19, he puts patients first and continues to treat with care! The Dental Square welcomes people, with a high priority on strict and sterile measures which is a crucial part in the prevention of a new pandemic outbreak. The clinic is even equipped with ultraviolet lights, that are used for disinfection of the premises.


Backed by sophisticated equipment and technology, The Dental Square team promises to deliver long-lasting and effective dental treatment. Dr. Sudhanshu Kushwah specializes in conservative dentistry and endodontics and Dr. Rupal Kushwah is an expert in oral pathology and microbiology. Together they perform procedures of all kinds – from simple fillings to implants and dentures, to oral cancer detection. We are very proud to welcome Тhe Dental Square to Dentacoin Partner Network, and we are sure they will continue doing good work.


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