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Coin burn january 2022

[UPDATED] Dentacoin Announces the Biggest Coin Burn in History

Published by Dentacoin Admin on

Dear Community Members,


We are delighted to announce that the biggest Dentacoin coin burn has been completed! On 24th January, we burn the unprecedented amount of 437,178,455,563 DCN tokens worth $6,872,445.32 USD (according to DCN price as of 24 Jan 2022).

UPDATE: Jan 24th, 2022

Proof of coin burn link:


When: 24 January 2022
Amount: 437,178,455,563 DCN
USD value: 6,872,445.32 USD

This will be the 7th round of burning the excessive annual amounts of DCN and it will reduce the total supply of Dentacoin permanently.


Why 24th January?


The biggest coin burn ever is related to yet another major event in the history of Dentacoin: The official shift of Dentacoin rewards towards the upgraded Optimism Ethereum network!


To remind you: Dentacoin was among the first 100 projects whitelisted to use the faster and cheaper version of the Ethereum network (read all about it here). This is a crucial step for us as it sets the basics for easier real-world adoption by even more people and businesses outside the narrow crypto world.


Why burn coins at all?


The coin burn is conducted to neutralize annual inflation and improve the trading market for DCN holders. It permanently reduces the supply of Dentacoin thus emphasizing the scarcity of DCN as a limited resource. We know this is one of the favorite actions for you, our supporters, and that is precisely why this time we do more than what you expected!


Please share this important upcoming event with the world! Publish this article on your favorite social media to bring the excitement further.


Thank you for your continued support! We will never stop listening to your valuable input and ideas. Dentacoin Community has always been our most valuable asset and we are committed to prove your choice to support us is worth it!


Here’s to greater things ahead than any we leave behind!

Happy Holidays,

Dentacoin Team

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Prof. Dr Saif Rauf Siddiqui

The most awaited event of the year.


Md. Kawsar ali

Thanks a lot for #Dcn team…hope it will go $0.01



Plz list more exchanges to trade easily.

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