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Tandarts van Rijn

Tandarts van Rijn, Netherlands Joins the Dentacoin Partner Network

Published by Petar Stoykov on

April 16th, 2019: We are excited to announce that following our meeting at IDS 2019, the Netherlands-based practice Tandarts van Rijn has begun accepting Dentacoin as a means of payment at their practice in Delfshaven, Rotterdam.


About Tandarts van Rijn


In his cheerful and modern practice Dr. Henny van Rijn makes patients feel at home and forget about the sterile white treatment room while having their dental procedures done. The practice covers all disciplines of dentistry, performed exclusively by trained professionals in their respective field with implantology being the core focus.



Tandarts van Rijn work only with the latest equipment and supplies of the utmost quality, according to the requirements of the European Association of Osseointegration (EAO). Treatment quality is guaranteed through continuous supplementary training in both implantology and general dentistry. This is also seen in the fact that the practice is listed on the Dutch Quality Register for Dentists (KRT).


Dentacoin at Tandarts van Rijn


Dr. van Rijn has been following the progress of Dentacoin since 2017 as he is a firm believer in both a prevention-focused dentistry, as well as the future success of Dentacoin Assurance. He sees great potential in the way patient loyalty is rewarded in the Dentacoin ecosystem, in addition to the inherent efficiencies brought by the technology behind it. “The Dentacare app is also a great driver to foster responsibility for a person’s own oral health,” concludes Dr. van Rijn.


Tandarts van Rijn joins the Dentacoin Network along with other partners located in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Fiji, India, Iran, Tanzania and Lebanon.


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