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Dentacoin on 18th place of the world’s main currencies within the next decade?

(UPDATED, 17.08.2017)

As a custom token and a solution, especially designed for the global Dental Industry, Dentacoin has highly promising future. As per the report from our partner clinic, which has already implemented the use of Dentacoin as means of payment, we can see that this business model will be easily adopted by the majority of the dental industry. (more…)

By Dentacoin Team, ago
Thoughts & Talks

The Token Economy: It is time we all get paid for every single job we do

“In the future, more and more things we do (passive or active) are going to get compensated by a token of some sort. In the same way today governments are issuing money, in the future companies will be issuing tokens to marry that value to a function that they have, or a product of their specific offering.”, William Mougayar at Ethereal Summit 2017. As William Mougayar (@wmougayar), the author of The Business Blockchain said during the Ethereal Summit 2017, “We all have 3 jobs today: the job that we get paid to do at an office; the 2nd job is taking care of ourselves and our family and household; and the 3rd job has been given to us by another company for using their services – renting a car for example. All kinds of jobs have been given to us, without us getting compensated (paid) for them.” (more…)

By Mariam Nishanian, ago