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Get 5% Bonus with the New Buy and Stake Upgrade
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Buy and stake
Dentacoin Staking platform is getting a key upgrade - the option to buy and stake DCN in one transaction. Powered by the biggest decentralized exchange,¬†Uniswap, the new feature will save transaction costs and time for traders wishing to join the staking pool. But, that is not all. To celebrate this new important feature, extra 5% bonus will be added to the purchased amount for every user.   Buy and Stake in One Go with 5% Bonus   All you need to take advantage of the upgra...
Stake DCN Rewards from Your Dentacoin Account
Published by Petya Ivanova on
Stake dcn rewards
We have exciting news for all DentaVox fans! Thanks to connection of your Dentacoin account with the staking platform, now you will be able to stake your rewards without worrying for transaction fees. Adding your DCN to the staking pool, you will continue growing your rewards by just holding your tokens. And, it is as easy as it sounds!   Why and how stake DentaVox rewards?   Launched earlier this year, Dentacoin Staking platform allows DCN holders to get additional rewards in ...
Public Beta: Dentacoin Wallet supports DCN Staking with WalletConnect
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Walletconnects dcn wallet
Our goal has always been to make Dentacoin Wallet the easiest app to manage your DCN tokens. Receiving, sending, or buying DCN effortlessly. But what about staking? Today we are happy to share that an integration with WalletConnect, now in Public Beta, will enable using Dentacoin Staking platform with Dentacoin Wallet app. In the coming weeks, we will be collecting feedback from our community before the official release at the end of the month.   WalletConnect - lets your Dentacoin W...
DCN Staking Coming Soon: Win Tokens for Hodling
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Dcn staking coming soon
Dear community, It is our pleasure to announce that the much-awaited DCN staking program will be launched in exactly one month! From March, 24, DCN long-term holders and supporters will be able to stake their tokens through a user-friendly web platform and earn profits while holding their tokens! The rewards will be based on the participant's share in the pool and the activity of the platform. And, what is more, there is full flexibility so you can withdraw your rewards and tokens at any time...