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Universal Dental Clinic Partners With Dentacoin
Published by Pamela Doneva on
Dr. Ravi Kumar
This week in Dentacoin Partner Network we welcome the Universal Dental Clinic of Dr. Ravi Kumar. With a commitment to community wellbeing, Dr. Kumar has a mission to provide lifelong sustainable oral health for patients. And how is he doing that? By high-quality personalized dental care in a comfortable and relaxed environment! With 2 clinic locations in the city of Gorakhpur, there have been more than 3000 patients treated already. Let’s find out why they chose to trust Universal Dental Clini...
Dentacoin Combines Forces with MobiDent to Promote Preventive Digital Dentistry
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Dentacoin Partners Up with MobiDent to Promote Preventive Digital Dentistry
June 20th, 2018: We are beyond thrilled to announce our new partnership with MobiDent, an India-based company aimed at making in-home, prevention-oriented dental care accessible and affordable to everyone. “MobiDent is attempting to create a new Ecosystem for dentistry by creating a new generation of dentists (called Digi Dentists), who are trained in home dental care at the MobiDent Academy for Digital Dentistry, empowered with Caddy Clinic and connected to families who can use our Digital...
Dec 30 2017, The Merkle - Dentistry 4.0 - The Era of Digital Dentistry
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Dentistry 4.0: Blockchain Technology Plays a Major Part In The Era of Digital Dentistry Dentistry and technology go together very well.  Advances in pain-killing anesthetics took the practice out of the medieval era, and preventive dentistry ushered in Dentistry 3.0.  New advances in body imaging technology and on-demand 3-D printing will completely revolutionize dentistry in a very short time.  Blockchain has a role to play in this next step as well. Read entire article...
Dec 5 2017, Core Sector Communique
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Dentistry 4.0: Is the Era of Digital Dentistry Already Here? "Dentistry 4.0 will be very different from the dental industry today.  It will provide better care for the most severe dental problems and better preventive care.  Best of all, thanks to the highly automated processes and digitized flows, it will provide the benefits of improved oral health at a much lower cost than patients pay today." Read entire article...