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DentaVox 2.0: New Surveys, Improved Stats, Enhanced Usability, and Brand New Looks
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279,445,554 DCN paid out to 33,671 respondents in the first year as of launch   After months of vigorous creative work and wide-ranging software optimizations, the Dentacoin team responsible for the Blockchain-based market research website DentaVox is ready to announce the key features the new version brings along. The revamped, fully in-house made survey platform is now all geared up to nurture the global dental industry with highly valuable, area-wide survey results that hold the pot...
August 27 2017, HuffPost
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Blockchain Technology for Dentists Information and client record control has seen substantial changes through recent developments in blockchain technology. New companies, like the startup DentaCoin, are now using blockchain to offer ways for customers to profit from things they do everyday in dental offices. Dentists crave honest feedback in order to expand their practices. DentaCoin has developed a system that allows clients to provide feedback, and in return, get credit for future servi...