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Attitudes Towards Teeth Whitening at Home [Infographic]
Published by Dentacoin Team on
For those who dream of having the perfect pearly white Hollywood Smile, there are a number of different options to achieve it - from professional procedures at the dentist office, through natural home remedies, to a variety of products for home usage. Nowadays, over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are promising an easy and affordable way for those who dream about the pearly whites. However, insights from DentaVox survey on Cosmetic Dentistry suggest that the attitudes towards the use of at-home...
Do people rely on online reviews to choose their dentist? [Infographic]
Published by Dentacoin Team on
More and more dental practices rely on online reviews as a tool for word-of-mouth recommendations by patients. Generally the experience and satisfaction of patients shared on various online platforms can impact the decision of potential patients which dentist to visit. In view of this growing influence of online reviews, we aimed to explore how trustworthy they are considered by people from different regions. Find a snapshot of our findings in the infographic below.   Download Infog...