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Dentacoin Rewards on the New Dentalheld Student Portal
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Dentalheld dentacoin student portal
We are thrilled to announce that we took the partnership with our pink friends from Dentalheld to the next level! Dentacoin rewards will be implemented on their just-launched Student Portal that will allow students from all across Germany to purchase materials and tools needed for their education at the best price levels. Having DCN rewards embedded there will not only further motivate students to use the portal but will also introduce them to Dentacoin tools and currency at a very early stage. ...
Dentacoin Impressions among German Patients and Dentists
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Patients and dentists germany
Meet the Emerging New Generation of Dentacoin Dentists and Patients from Germany  ________ This article is a translation of "Wie das innovative Dentacoin-programm Zahnärzten und Patienten in der Praxis hilft". See original post in German, published by Dentalheld    In the previous two blog articles about Dentacoin, we described how prophylaxis-oriented dentists can earn more by focusing on conscious prevention and dived into the topic of boosting patient loyalty through the Dent...