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Dentacoin Weekly Updates: January 8 - 15, 2020
Published by Dentacoin Team on
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We kicked off this week by celebrating a very special occasion - the conclusion of our Holiday Raffle and drawing of the winners! Find out if your name was on the list and what else kept us excited this week:   CURRENT TOPICS   HOLIDAY RAFFLE WINNERS DRAWN Ten winners were chosen at random from the pool of participants. Three people had the pleasure of getting an Udemy course of their choosing, three more received an Amazon gift card, and another set of three unlocked VIP ac...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: January 1 - 8, 2020
Published by Dentacoin Team on
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It’s the first week of the New Year and we are already making steady waves. We are happy to see the results of the end of the year coin burn already taking place, as we see positive gains in the price of Dentacoin. What else kept us excited this week? Let’s find out:   CURRENT TOPICS   2020 TOP DENTISTS OF THE YEAR The results from the voting for 2020 Top Dentists are here! So, let's hear it for the winners: Dr. Zeyneb Kazimli  Dr. Agnieszka Nowińska  Dr. M...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: December 25, 2020 - January 01, 2021
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
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As we bid good buy to 2020 and welcome the New Year, let's take a look at the key higlights from the past week:    CURRENT TOPICS   INTRODUCING DENTACOIN ASSURANCE 2.0. AND HEALTH DATABASE Building on the first version of Dentacoin Assurance, Assurance 2.0. is enhancing the only blockchain-based dental plan by bringing more options for both parties and with the integration of a basic dental health record. Read more:   THE LARGEST AMOUNT OF DCN EVER BURNED: 6...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: December 18 - 25, 2020
Published by Petya Ivanova on
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It's time for our special holiday weekly update and it is full of exciting new announcements. So, let's catch up with the key highlights:    CURRENT TOPICS   CONCEPT READY: NEW DENTAL PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE New on the roadmap: We are developing the first-ever dental practice management software with Dentacoin functionalities integrated! Read more:   COMING SOON   DENTACOIN ASSURANCE 2.0.: CLOSED TEST The second version of the revolutionary de...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: December 11 - 18, 2020
Published by Petar Stoykov on
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The holidays are almost upon us, as we grab a cup of hot chocolate and take a look at the recent highlights. This week the team was busy releasing for closed testing the upcoming updates for three of our apps. First and foremost we have the DentaVox mobile app, then the Dentacoin HubApp, as well as the Jaws of Battle multiplayer. Let’s find out what else kept us excited:   CURRENT TOPICS   DENTAVOX GOES MOBILE: ALPHA APP RELEASED DentaVox is soon coming to the mobile app s...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: December 6 - 11, 2020
Published by Petar Stoykov on
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The holiday season is fast approaching, as we expanded our partner network with a new member this week, following their sister company’s entry. We have also made steady waves with one of the upcoming new tools to complement our suite reaching testing phase. Let’s find out what else kept us excited this week:   CURRENT TOPICS   ANOTHER DENTACOIN PARTNER FROM VERTEX GROUP: TC SMILE DENTAL “Sharing a common perspective on how to tackle the challenges of the dental industr...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: November 27 - December 04, 2020
Published by Petya Ivanova on
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We welcomed the last month of the year with the launch of Dentacoin Holiday Calendar Challenge. What prizes are awaiting you every day? What are the other exciting developments this week? Join us as we take a closer look:   CURRENT TOPICS DENTACOIN HOLIDAY CHALLENGE: UNLOCK A NEW REWARD EVERY DAY Dentacoin Holiday Challenge is here, packed with exciting rewards and fun tasks!  From Dentacoin tokens, through fun surprise daily gifts, to extra tickets for the big raffle - all waitin...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: April 19 - 26, 2019
Published by Petar Stoykov on
DCN Weekly Updates 10
Dear Community, An interesting week is behind us.    On Tuesday we opened up the week with some positive news from sunny Brazil by having Hissa Leal Odontologia Avançada join our partner network. “As a Bitcoin enthusiast, I heard about Dentacoin while exploring the space, so I took my time to delve into the concept further. I tried the Dentacare app myself and saw great potential to help patients by means of preventive dentistry,” shared Dr. Leal. “As a dental practitioner...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: April 12 - 19, 2019
Published by Petar Stoykov on
DCN Weekly Updates 1
Dear Community,   We’ve reached April’s half-time mark. Let’s catch up with the latest highlights:   On Monday we kickstarted the week, by releasing a brand new parents only survey on DentaVox - “Teeth Grinding in Children.” Do your children clench their teeth when angry or under stress? Have you heard them grinding teeth while asleep? If persisting over longer periods of time, such symptoms should not be underestimated. Share your knowledge and personal experienc...
Tandarts van Rijn, Netherlands Joins the Dentacoin Partner Network
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Tandarts van Rijn
April 16th, 2019: We are excited to announce that following our meeting at IDS 2019, the Netherlands-based practice Tandarts van Rijn has begun accepting Dentacoin as a means of payment at their practice in Delfshaven, Rotterdam.   About Tandarts van Rijn   In his cheerful and modern practice Dr. Henny van Rijn makes patients feel at home and forget about the sterile white treatment room while having their dental procedures done. The practice covers all disciplines of dent...