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Introducing Wana Dental Clinic as a new Dentacoin Partner
Published by Maria Nikiforova on
Wana dental blog
This time a warm welcome goes to the third partner clinic in Uganda - Wana Dental Clinic and its owner Dr. Alex Ndikumwami. At Wana Dental Clinic, Dr. Ndikumwami has worked alongside his father since 2012. They have a vast experience in helping patients with missing teeth get their smile back. In Uganda about 73% of patients have received treatment for their dental problems with tooth extraction. So, Dr. Ndikumwami and his team are on a mission to bring back the healthy smiles to patients s...
Divine Dental Clinic Nakaloke joins Dentacoin Partnership Network
Published by Maria Nikiforova on
Divine Dental Clinic Nakaloke Dentacoin Facebook
A warm welcome to the Dentacoin newest partner from Uganda - Divine Dental Clinic and its owner Doctor Isabirye Tonny. The clinic is located in Nakaloke, a picturesque town in the Eastern part of Uganda, just a few kilometres away from the commercial district centre - Mbale city.  This part of Uganda is well-known for its vibrant agricultural sector with coffee and dairy production. And, for Dr. Isabirye Tonny it is a key mission to improve the quality of life for the local population thro...
Welcoming new Dentacoin Partner - Smile Better Dental Care
Published by Maria Nikiforova on
Smile Better Dental Care Facebook
This time a warm welcome goes to Dentacoin second partner in Uganda - Smile Better Dental Care and Dr. Bulafu Guster. It is no wonder that Dentacoin partner network continues expanding in Uganda. In the past 2 years, the usage of cryptocurrencies in the country has been growing rapidly. For a period of just 3 years untill March 2022 Ugandians have received cryptocurrencies worth about $4.8 billion. And even the central bank of Uganda is looking into issuing a digital currency. Dentacoin...
Dr. Daniel Williams Byawere - Pioneer Dentacoin Partner in Uganda
Published by Daria Kerancheva on
Dr Daniel  Williams Byawere First Dentacoin Partner in Uganda
Dentacoin has its first partner dentist in Uganda! Meet Dr. Daniel Williams Byawere, an ambitious and hard-working dental surgeon who has been treating patients at a series of renowned dental hospitals in the East African country. After gaining this precious practical experience, Dr. Byawere decided to open his own clinic in Kampala. Ever since its establishment back in 2018, the practice has lined up among the best providers of quality dental care in the area. Now he is ready to bring his clini...