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Dentacoin launches fully redesigned Trusted Reviews website
Published by Daria Kerancheva on
Dentacoin trusted reviews website redesign
Five years after its inception back in 2017, our flagship website for verified patient feedback Dentacoin Trusted Reviews starts a new life - with a fresh design, many new features and enhanced user experience for both patients and dentists. It took Dentacoin’s team almost five months of vigorous creative and development work to complete this important milestone among all others set for 2022.   Some of the key goals of the website overhaul were to make clinic profiles more appealing and...
Staying Ahead of the Curve: Trusted Reviews Blog Now Available
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Trp blog available
It’s time to capitalize on the power of trusted feedback and supercharge your practice with our fresh-off-the-presses Trusted Reviews blog! Find the latest insight on how to improve your practice, compare best-practices and even help you find the right dentist just for you! So without further adieu, let's dig into the details of what the blog has to offer for both patients and dentists alike.   Fostering Better Dentist-Patient Relationships  It’s been quite the developmental j...
[PRODUCT UPDATE] New Features on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Trusted reviews new features
New profile strength bar and more opportunities for patients to contribute!   July 23, 2019: We are excited to introduce the latest functionalities added to Dentacoin Trusted Reviews this month! Inspired by our core value for patient-centered dental care, the updates introduce new ways for patients to contribute, verify their feedback, and earn rewards for their input. Furthermore, a new profile progress bar facilitates dentists and patients to explore and get the most of their experi...
Dentacoin Trusted Reviews 2.0: Enhanced User Experience on the Way Towards Genuine Feedback
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Dentacoin Trusted Reviews   New Version 2018
December 20th, 2018: The brand new version of Dentacoin Trusted Reviews is here! The first blockchain-based platform for verified, incentivized and detailed dental treatment reviews now provides improved user experience and reliability.   “Today we see thousands of websites, forums, social media channels with reviews. The paradox is that we can hardly find any that we can rely on as customers and learn from as providers. In a crucially important field like Dentistry, reviews are als...
Dentacoin Takes Identity Verification to the Next Level with Civic KYC
Published by Petar Stoykov on
DCN and KYC282
October 22nd, 2018: We are proud to announce that Dentacoin is the pioneering user of Civic Connect, the new app-to-app integration. Civic Connect allows for any app to integrate Civic login and identity verification solutions to ensure accounts are tied to real people. Civic identity verification solutions will now be seamlessly integrated into the verification process on all Dentacoin tools: Dentacare Health Training App, DentaVox, and Trusted Reviews, creating a private and secure user experi...
Civic Secure Identity Platform Integrated in Dentacoin Trusted Reviews and DentaVox
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Civic Secure Identity Platform Integrated on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews and DentaVox
March 21, 2018: We are glad to announce that we implemented a new verification process on DentaVox and Trusted Reviews. The integration of Civic (a secure identity platform decentralized with blockchain technology) now allows us to ensure even more relevant research data and trustworthy feedback from individuals with verified identities. About Civic Secure Identity Platform Civic is a Blockchain-based identity management system, developed after the company’s CEO (the serial South-African ent...
Recapitulation: One year since the Dentacoin Token Release
Published by Dentacoin Team on
One year
Dear community, Just a year ago, on 14th of February 2017, the Dentacoin Token was released. This was the beginning of one exciting journey, starting from a great idea aimed to transform the global dental industry through bringing all market participants within the industry into co-working communities and utilizing the blockchain technology advantages. An idea which was publicly presented in May 2017, quickly gathered around itself thousands of supporters and turned into a working solution impl...
Why were we crazy enough to pre-mine 8 trillion Dentacoins?
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Dentacoin pre mine 8 trillion Dentacoins
Probably the next most popular question after “How can I buy Dentacoin?” is “Are you crazy? 8 trillion token supply!?”. It’s not like we haven’t answered the second question before but let us make another attempt, starting this time from the total Dentacoin supply and its allocation. Total supply allocation To confirm: 8 trillion is the total Dentacoin supply which is pre-mined. No mining means no expensive energy consumption -> lower distribution costs -> extremely low mar...
Dentacoin Trusted Reviews MAINNET is LIVE!
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Dentacoin trusted review platform
Hey Dentacoin supporters, Recently, we seem to be in a series of GREAT NEWS: We are happy to announce that the Trusted Review Platform MAINNET is here earlier than planned! As shown on our Roadmap, this was supposed to happen in Q4, 2017 but thanks to our loyal and active community on Slack and other test groups of patients and dentists, we managed to identify and solve some minor problems on the testnet version faster than expected. Right now all the transactions are already happening on...