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Trade Dentacoin (DCN) on VinDAX
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Time to deliver some exciting news for holders and traders alike, as Dentacoin becomes listed on VinDAX¬†(in top 40 on CoinMarketCap by monthly volume). Users will be able to trade their favourite digital asset for the dental industry against Bitcoin (BTC). In the future we will consider adding more pairs.   About VinDAX VinDAX was founded as the Vin Digital Asset Exchange platform and aims to connect blockchain assets with a wide audience from around the world via an intuitive and bea...
Dentacoin Listed on BitStorage
Published by Dentacoin Team on
We are thrilled to share with you the results of the latest voting competition: Dentacoin is now available on BitStorage, as we have successfully accumulated the necessary votes to list! With the helpful hand of our loyal and active community, we have generated over 200 votes, allowing Dentacoin to be listed against Bitcoin (BTC), as well as a fiat pair with USD.¬†   About BitStorage Founded in 2018, BitStorage Finance offers a secure and reliable trading experience for traders aro...
We Won the Vote: Dentacoin Listed on LBank Exchange
Published by Donika Kraeva on
It is with a great excitement that we are sharing the recent Dentacoin listing on LBank Exchange! Thanks to our loyal and active community, we won the voting competition with the astonishing 84.47% majority (see results).   About LBank LBank is a centralized exchange launched in late 2016 providing digital asset trading services to users around the globe. It brings the volume needed to place it among the Top 10 - or often even Top 3 - trading platforms on CoinMarketCap. With a core tea...