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Dentacoin to Be Listed on CoinTiger - Trading Starts June 9
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Cointiger dcn exchange
Get your coins ready, for we have some thrilling news for traders and holders alike, as Dentacoin gets listed on the popular, Singaporean-based CoinTiger exchange.     CoinTiger + Dentacoin The well-established CoinTiger platform facilitates the exchange of 130+ digital assets and FIAT currencies, serving "3.5 million users from more than 150 countries" with a large share of Chinese users. Their website enjoys nearly 2 million monthly visitors from all over the world. N...
Dentacoin Has No Decimals: A Closer Look at Supply Units
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Dentacoin has no decimals
In the world of cryptocurrencies, supply and supply units have always been topics of scrutiny when it comes to analyzing the potential for a positive price action of a given project. But are these values really a good determinant of the make or break status? Let’s find out:   Defining Supply Units Even though the term sounds vague and unfamiliar, we all encounter currency supply units every time we touch the stuff. Most, if not all, currencies nowadays use the same system - the main ...
Vote for Dentacoin in LBank Listing Competition
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Vote for Dentacoin lbank
Time to make the holiday season count with an amazing opportunity to bring the Dentacoin community together. Show your spirit by voting for your favourite dental cryptocurrency in LBank’s listing competition! Sneak peek: We are leading so far.      About LBank LBank is a centralized exchange launched in late 2016 providing digital asset trading services to users around the globe. It brings the volume needed to place it among the Top 20 trading platforms of CoinMarket...
Dentacoin Now Listed on Coinlim
Published by Petar Stoykov on
With the holiday season rolling out in full cheer, we are excited to bring yet another present to our traders. Please welcome Coinlim as the latest trading platform to support Dentacoin!   Founded in 2018, Coinlim is a centralized exchange based in Hong Kong that hosts a tech team of 60 people. The exchange aims to provide a safe, fast, transparent and open trading environment for their users around the globe. Apart from an easy-to-use web interface, Coinlim also offers a nifty mobile...
Exchange DCN Directly Against EUR & USD on Folgory
Published by Donika Kraeva on
Dentacoin folgory
After two very recent listings on GraviEX and Altilly, we are thrilled to announce a new milestone: Thanks to Folgory exchange,  you are now able to exchange Dentacoin (DCN) against  EUR and USD with one simple step!     About Folgory Folgory is developed as an all-in-one platform for crypto users. It provides quick and easy account creation, KYC approval in up to 24 hours, low fees, and instant transaction processing.   New Milestone for Dentacoin On top of lis...
Another Exchange Listing: Dentacoin Now Live on Altilly
Published by Donika Kraeva on
Dentacoin altilly
After a recent listing on GraviEX, we are happy to announce yet another exchange to trade Dentacoin on: Altilly!   "Altilly has built the core parts from the ground up, using the latest programming techniques to make the system less resource intensive and more faster and secure", states the Swedish company on its website. The exchange platform has currently 192 assets listed in 693 markets.   As of November 26, 2019, you can trade Dentacoin on Altilly against Bitcoin, Ether...
Dentacoin Is Now Listed on GraviEx
Published by Donika Kraeva on
Dentacoin graviex
Say hello to GraviEX - the latest exchange platform where you can trade your Dentacoin tokens!   Headquartered in Malta, GraviEX aims to make crypto trading "easy, user-friendly, and plain" with its web platform and mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices.   As of Nov 22, 2019 Dentacoin is live for trading on GraviEX against BTC & ETH with 0.2% fees. Check it out now: DCN/ BTC Market DCN/ ETH Market  ...
Dentacoin Wallet Mobile App Officially Released
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Wallet app NEW2_1
It’s time to announce the completion of yet another milestone on the Dentacoin roadmap, as the Dentacoin Wallet app steps out of beta testing and out in the open on both Google Play and App Store!     Store & use your tokens on the go With the mobile version of the Dentacoin Wallet you can access your favourite digital asset, wherever you go easy and securely. Take your tokens with you to your dental appointment hassle-free - just keep your phone in your pocket. W...
Cryptocurrency Supply & Adoption
Published by Petar Stoykov on
How utility drives value
How Utility Drives Value Through Demand    With the rise of deflationary currencies, as blockchain and cryptocurrency took the world by storm, a common question that is on the mind of many  is: What is the right amount of currency supply? As one of the key aspects of a deflationary currency is its scarcity, it is naturally important to find the right balance between having an asset scarce enough to multiply its value, while at the same time having enough units for its universal adopti...
New Top-20 Exchange, Buyback and Coin Burn
Published by Donika Kraeva on
Listing nuyback burn2
Dear Community,   Today is a day of great significance to Dentacoin for a few reasons.    Firstly, Dentacoin has been listed on FatBTC - one of the top exchanges on CoinMarketCap. It currently ranks #10 by 30-day volume which places it as a prime candidate to bring higher liquidity for Dentacoin. Trading against ETH and BTC starts at 8 am UTC today, October 2, 2019. Read more...   Secondly, we are buying back* part of the DCN tokens on HitBTC - the platform that...