Report: Implementation of Dentacoin as a currency in first partner clinic

Dentacoin as a currency in first partner clinic! In our search of corporate partners in dentistry, we were looking for a partner who would easily understand our concept and adopt it into their daily workflow. Therefore, it had to be a clinic with affinity to innovations and willingness for a constant improvement. The first clinic to ever identify with our concept for the global dental industry was SWISS Dentaprime – an innovative Dental Implant Clinic, which strongly invests in digitization and automation in all aspects of their work. In March 2017 they implemented Dentacoin as means of payment and as a part of a Patient Loyalty Program (rewarding patients for giving constant feedback, writing reviews, recommending the clinic to other people). We are happy to share our partner’s first results and objective feedback in regards to the implementation of Dentacoin as an integral part of their workflow. (more…)

By Dentacoin Team, ago