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Meet Dr. Farheen Moud: The First Female Dentacoin Partner from Pakistan
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Dr. Farheen Moud mail
We are excited to introduce the first female Dentacoin partner from Pakistan, Dr. Farheen Moud from Dental Solutions Clinic. A prominent female dentist, Dr. Moud has an extensive experience in the dental field in both private and universite facilities. Her research on the relationship between body mass index and dental caries has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Furthermore, Dr. Moud has established her own Youtube channel to spread oral health awareness and help patients i...
Imdad Dental Surgery & Implant Centre Accepts Dentacoin
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
Dr. Haseeb Amir  Dentacoin Facebook
Today we welcome to Dentacoin Partner Network Dr. Haseeb Amir and his clinic Imdad Dental Surgery & Implant Centre. Established by the progressive Dr. Amir, the dental clinic combines exceptional patient care with advanced technology. Developing long-term relationships with their esteemed patients has been the team's mission, and Dentacoin toolset will be of great benefit in this aspect. More than that, Dr. Haseeb Amir got fascinated by the idea of being part of a global dentist network t...
Tyyab’s Dental Surgery Becomes Dentacoin Partner
Published by Pamela Doneva on
The team of trusted dentists at Tyyab’s Dental Surgery is ready to transform the smiles of patients, now with the help of Dentacoin tools. The recent implementation of the first dental crypto token was inspired by the desire of the practice owner Dr. Tahir Tayyab to give accessible dental treatment. Having founded his practice just in 2019, the young specialist has already changed the life of many for good. And he is eager to keep on the positive changes backed with smart technology tools by D...
New Partner Clinic: DIK Dental Surgeons from Pakistan
Published by Petya Ivanova on
DIK Dental Surgeons  Dentacoin Facebook
It is a pleasure to introduce our latest partner in Pakistan, DIK Dental Surgeons. Run by the energetic Dr. Uzair Ayaz, the clinic is among the leading practices in the city of Dera Ismail Khan. In the two locations of DIK Dental Surgeons, the dental team uses the latest technology to create complete smile makeovers and treat various dental problems. Root canal microscopes, 3D scanning and CTBT technology are among the tools employed in their daily practice to provide the best treatment to pati...
Smile Expert Dental Clinics Joins Dentacoin Partner Network
Published by Petya Ivanova on
Smile Expert dental clinic Dentacoin Facebook
The latest location on our Partner's map, Smile Expert Dental Clinic is a place where patients feel at ease. At the dental facility equipped with advanced technology, Dr. Aneel Abrar and his team have created an atmosphere of trust, where every issue is addressed with the utmost care. Dr. Abrar shares that he has placed special efforts toward alleviating patients' dental fear. But, this excellent patient care extends beyond the doors of the practice. Recommendations about proper dental hygiene a...
Dr. Zeshan Batani: Becomes the Latest Dentacoin Partner
Published by Petya Ivanova on
Dr. Zeshan Batani Dentacoin Facebook
Meet our new partner from Pakistan, Dr. Zeshan Batani. A dental surgeon with a drive to develop himself as an outstanding professional. His goal? To help his local community enjoy affordable dental care. His practice, Zeshan Dental Clinic is located in a busy area of the city of Mandi Bahauddin in central Punjab, Pakistan. Every day, people from different social status walk through the doors of his clinic. But, no matter how complicated the case, every patient receives attention and finds a ...
Expanding in Pakistan With Life Line Medical & Dental Clinic
Published by Pamela Doneva on
Dentacoin Partner Network keeps on expanding in Pakistan. Today we are joined by the Punjabi-based practitioner Dr. Muhammad Shahzaib Abbas Aulakh who has been practicing at his clinic Life Line Medical and Dental Clinic for about 3 years now. The young dentist shares that he strictly follows global standards for quality and is eager to help patients maintain proper oral hygiene habits.   Naturally, when he found out about the exposure he can get by joining Dentacoin he got easily mot...
Crypto Supporter Dr. Ali Shouket Becomes Dentacoin Partner
Published by Petya Ivanova on
Dr. Ali Shouket Dentacoin Facebook
It is a pleasure to introduce our new partner Dr. Ali Shouket and his clinic, Dr. Shouket's Dental Clinic, the latest location accepting Dentacoin! Dr. Shouket is not only one of the leading dentists in Karachi, Pakistan but also a firm believer in the potential of crypto payments. Getting in touch with Dentacoin innovative concept, quickly fascinated him:       In the Spotlight: Dr. Shouket's Dental Clinic  With a team of dentists trained at the top private and...
Shah Dental Clinic Becomes Dentacoin Partner
Published by Pamela Doneva on
Today we expand further in Pakistan as we welcome Shah Dental Clinic. The newly founded practice is owned and run by the young and forward-thinking professional Dr. Sufaid Shah. Devoted to providing for the local community, he established a practice last year in the heart of his home region. With a strong dedication to being a proclaimer of positive changes in dentistry, Dr. Shah now joins Dentacoin Partner Network. Last week he shared with us his first impressions of Dentacoin adoption at hi...
Dental Dynamics Clinic Becomes Dentacoin Partner
Published by Pamela Doneva on
We are happy to share that Dentacoin payments are now accepted at the highly respected Dental Dynamics Clinic, Pakistan. The Lahori-based practice is run by Dr. Ibad Shahid, a renowned professional dedicated to patient satisfaction. He has been looking for a platform where he can easily and effectively collect feedback from patients. Now his wishes come true as he joins Dentacoin. Dr. Shahid shares his first impressions of the Trusted Reviews platform with great enthusiasm:   “I am ha...