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Contest: Celebrating 2 Years of Partnership with Indacoin
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Dentacoin indacoin 2 years partnership
It’s time to celebrate an event no other than the second anniversary of our partnership with Indacoin! We have prepared a special surprise for you but more on that later…   Two Years of Fruitful Cooperation Ever since 2018 Indacoin has been actively supporting our mission of fostering prevention in the dental industry with the help of blockchain technology. By creating better opportunities to access the Dentacoin token quickly and securely, with just a swipe of a bank card, Ind...
[BOUNTY] Acquire Your Dentist & Earn Dentacoin!
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Competition v2(2) (2)
Dear Community,   We have an extraordinary opportunity for you to contribute to the development of your favourite blockchain project - Dentacoin! And the best thing about it? You get to earn rewards along the way!   How does it work? You get to set out on an extraordinary quest to meet your favourite dental practitioner(s) and introduce them to the ins and outs of the Dentacoin concept. You could even combine it with that long-due prophylactic check-up!   To help...