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Clinics in Pakistan and Serbia Accept Dentacoin: Sherwani Dental (Pakistan, Lahore) and LekoDent (Serbia, Belgrade)
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With the development of the Dentacoin Platform, Dentacoin can provide more and more solutions for the dental industry; therefore, the interest from the dental practices is growing. The latest example can be seen by the 2 new dental practices that added DCN in their clinics -Sherwani Dental​ (Pakistan) and LekoDent​ (Serbia). Two new clinics, in two different countries, are now accepting DCN as a means of payment in their clinics. Sherwani Dental (Pakistan,  Lahore)- was opened by...
Dentacoin Accepted As Means Of Payment By Powercart For Intraoral Scanning
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Dear supporters, community, We are proud to announce successful partnership with an industry leader. CruisAIDer - a European company, specialized on digitalization of dental clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, accepts Dentacoin as means of payment for its product Powercart for Intra-Oral scanning. “As of Monday, 9th October 2017, CruisAIDer accepts Dentacoin as payment for the Powercart but we are already looking at other ways and possibilities to integrate Dentacoin-te...