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Jaxx Blockchain Wallet Now Supports Dentacoin
Published by Dentacoin Admin on
January 29, 2018: We are thrilled to announce that Jaxx Blockchain Wallet now supports Dentacoin (DCN)! Jaxx is a multi-token blockchain wallet that provides a unified experience across 8 platforms and devices, including Windows, Apple and Linux desktops, Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets, as well as a Google Chrome extension. The Jaxx wallet also enables crypto-to-crypto exchange with frictionless in-wallet conversion via Shapeshift. Users are always in control of their keys and Jax...
Are We Burning Dentacoin?
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Hello again supporters and community. As you all know, our ICO is coming up in a few days and the excitement around it grows every minute. The ICO is a coin’s most crucial step in its development, and we are working hard to ensure the process is as smooth and problem free as possible. The ICO is the key to venturing into the great world of cryptocurrencies. We already have a long journey behind us, through which we identified our weaknesses but also identified our many strengths. We a...
Dentacoin on 18th place of the world’s main currencies within the next decade?
Published by Dentacoin Team on
(UPDATED, 17.08.2017) As a custom token and a solution, especially designed for the global Dental Industry, Dentacoin has highly promising future. As per the report from our partner clinic, which has already implemented the use of Dentacoin as means of payment, we can see that this business model will be easily adopted by the majority of the dental industry. What do we plan During the first three stages of our concept, we plan expansion for Dentacoin outreach within 10% of the total marke...