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Staying Ahead of the Curve: Trusted Reviews Blog Now Available

Published by Dentacoin Team on

It’s time to capitalize on the power of trusted feedback and supercharge your practice with our fresh-off-the-presses Trusted Reviews blog! Find the latest insight on how to improve your practice, compare best-practices and even help you find the right dentist just for you! So without further adieu, let’s dig into the details of what the blog has to offer for both patients and dentists alike.


Fostering Better Dentist-Patient Relationships 

It’s been quite the developmental journey for the last two years, as each update to the platform brings it closer and closer to achieving its goal of the first and only blockchain-based platform for verified and thorough dental-related feedback. With every new feature added we facilitated the lives of stakeholders on both sides of the fence. 


On one hand for dentists, we created new ways for them to use the power of trusted feedback to improve their daily operations, as well as provide them with new means to promote their practice and reach new loyal patients. On the other, patients now have access to more information and better criteria to judge and pick the dental professionals that perform the treatments they seek, as well as better ways to locate those that match their preferences and location the most. By doing so we are continuously bridging the gap between patients and dentists, thus allowing them to meet and shake hands at the golden middle, on the best possible terms. 



That is why, with this newly established blog, we will continue on our mission of fostering better relationships between the two, by providing valuable insights that improve the process for all participants. Tips and tricks for making better choices, in regards to marketing a dentist’s practice, selecting dentists like a pro, making better use of the reviews – whether it is to give, or receive them and last but certainly not least, the latest journey improvements through the new features implemented on Trusted Reviews. 


Stay Ahead of the Curve – Subscribe!

So what are you waiting for? Stay ahead of the curve, whether you are patient, or dentist get rewarded for your participation in the ecosystem and make more of your journey into the world of dentistry. Spread the word with your fellow colleagues, friends, family and peers. Let them know that their experience is set to change with the novel insights of the Trusted Reviews blog. 


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