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Star Dental Clinic Joins Dentacoin Network

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Today we are pleased to welcome Star Dental Clinic – one of India’s finest multi-specialty dental clinics! Located in the heart of Hisar (Haryana), the practice was founded by Dr. Tarun Kalra, a dental surgeon with more than 10 years of experience. Due to the exceptional dental experience delivered to patients at Star Dental Clinic, it was acknowledged in 2018 as the Best Dental Clinic & Implant Centre in Haryana at Chandigarh.
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Dentacoin: A Natural Ally For Prevention and Innovation

Led by his devotion to making people’s lives better, Dr. Tarun puts special efforts in raising patients’ awareness about the prevention of dental diseases. He believes that keeping one’s teeth healthy and in place requires close cooperation between the dentist and the patient. After getting to know Dentacoin’s apps Dentacare and Jaws of Battle, he finally found the perfect technical aid to promote good oral care habits both in adults and children.

“We strive at building life-long relationships with our patients, based on trust and respect. Our practice and staff are kept up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry so that we can provide the best experience to our patients. That’s why we embraced Dentacoin currency and software solutions as a logical enhancement to our business. And we are convinced this partnership will help us grow further!”
Dr. Tarun Kalra, Principal Dentist

Star Dental Clinic already accepts Dentacoin payments and actively helps patients to familiarize with all apps they can earn DCN on. Dr. Tarun and his spouse Dr. Shweta Kalra, who also works at the clinic, are both very enthusiastic about the opportunity to spot new trends using DentaVox Stats. Knowing patients’ attitudes and pain points has always been among their priorities.

Star Dental Clinic & Its Founding Team

Patients receive a full scope of dental services at Star Dental Clinic – dental surgery, crowns & bridges, cosmetic shaping of teeth, dental cysts, bad breath, swollen gums treatment, etc. Dr. Tarun is especially famous for providing painless root canal treatment. His dental practice uses digital X-rays that decrease the amount of radiation. The clinic premises offer visitors a warm and cozy atmosphere with designated spaces for reception, consultation, treatment and sterilization.
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Dr. Tarun Kalra graduated from S.R. Dental College back in 2008. Four years later he acquired his M.D.S. in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics from the B.R.S. Dental College, Panchkula. Dr. Tarun is a Member Vice President of the Indian Dental Association (IDA), Hisar branch, as well as member of the Dental Council of India (DCI) and the Indian Endodontic Society (IES).

He is Associate Professor at Department of Endodontics in JCD Dental College, Sirsa. Due to his kind and sympathetic nature, Dr. Tarun Kalra treats underprivileged patients free of cost. He takes part in many social initiatives such as blood donation camps, tree plantations, and donations to poor or needy people.


His wife, Dr. Shweta Kalra graduated from the SDD Dental College, Panchkula under P.G.I.M.S, Rohtak back in 2010. She established the dental department of Jain Samadhi Multispeciality Charitable Hospital, Tohana, where she worked for 5 years. As a dentist, she is sensitively attuned to the aesthetic and functional concerns of her patients. Over time, she has developed a special affinity for treating dental problems in children and elderly. Dr. Shweta Kalra strongly believes in conservative treatment and puts a special emphasis on prevention.


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