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Stake dcn rewards

Stake DCN Rewards from Your Dentacoin Account

Published by Petya Ivanova on

We have exciting news for all DentaVox fans! Thanks to connection of your Dentacoin account with the staking platform, now you will be able to stake your rewards without worrying for transaction fees. Adding your DCN to the staking pool, you will continue growing your rewards by just holding your tokens. And, it is as easy as it sounds!


Why and how stake DentaVox rewards?


Launched earlier this year, Dentacoin Staking platform allows DCN holders to get additional rewards in DCN by joining the staking pool. The rewards pile up in their staking balance based on the pool activity, and they can withdraw them separately or together with the staked amount, at any time. So, with full flexibility, you get rewards by keeping your tokens in the pool.

With the integration between My Account section of your Dentacoin/ DentaVox profile and Dentacoin Staking pool, this is done in one simple step, the same as withdrawing rewards. Moreover, the transaction fee in Optimistic ETH which users typically cover will be for free when staking DentaVox rewards from My Account section.

And, here is how it works:









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