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Smile Dental Clinic - Salem Joins Dentacoin Network

Published by Daria Kerancheva on

We are pleased to welcome Smile Dental Clinic to our partner network in India! Located in Salem, Tamil Nadu in the southern part of the country, the dental practice has been delivering a full range of oral care services to its patients since 2016. In 2020 it was fully renovated and re-equipped. The clinic founder and principal dentist Dr. Shaik Farid Niyas J F has instilled into all members of the dental team the consequent dedication to providing quality dental care in a safe and accommodating environment.
Its biggest competitive advantage, however, is being available when others aren’t. Smile Dental Clinic’s dental experts strive to minimize wait times and offer same-day appointments. Maximizing patient satisfaction by introducing the latest tech trends is one of the top priorities Dr. Shaik has set for its clinic. And Dentacoin was both the perfect aid and ally to help him bring it to a whole new level!

Embracing Dentacoin

Dr. Shaik learned about Dentacoin from a fellow dentist and was very impressed by the great variety of patient-loyalty apps and their immense potential to boost his dental practice. First, he registered on Trusted Reviews and started inviting his patients to share their feedback on the platform. In view of the great leverage effects he envisioned, it didn’t take him long to decide to become Dentacoin Partner.

“Alone I can do so little, but as a part of a global dental network, we can do so much! I want to achieve great things in dentistry and Dentacoin is just the right project for my clinic to grow further!”
Dr. Shaik Farid Niyas J F, Founder & Principal Dentist

Dr. Shaik wants to promote his clinic as a pioneer in the implementation of Dentacoin payments and the active engagement of patients in dental care using Dentacoin’s specialized apps. One of the things he enjoys most is the opportunity to share DentaVox surveys and interesting stats on his social channels. “It’s an amazing way to educate and entertain patients at the same time!”, Dr. Shaik shared.

About the Founder

Dr. Shaik Farid Niyas J F has completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery studies at VMSDC, Tamil Nadu back in 2016. Short thereafter he unveiled his own private practice in Salem. Dr. Shaik strives for excellence in various fields of dentistry especially in Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Smile Designing.
Dr. Shaik is a founding member of a dentist welfare association and also takes an active part in various social projects in the field of dentistry such as organizing dental camps for the local community and the Indian society. His latest passion is Dentacoin!

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