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A second clinic in London has implemented the use of Dentacoin

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As of the past week (7th of July 2017), a second dental clinic located in London has implemented the use of Dentacoin into their daily workflow.

From start-up to future success through Patient Feedback

F3T Dental Clinic, London is the pilot clinic of a new business model for dental clinics chain around Europe, highly focused on complete mouth restorations and implant-supported denture solutions. Having observed the first experiences of SWISS Dentaprime* with Dentacoin, the innovative dental clinic expressed interest in using Dentacoin as means of payment and within their Patient Rewards Program. From 10th of July 2017 on each patient, who gives feedback, and thus helps the clinic to improve their service quality, is entitled to a reward paid entirely in Dentacoins. Another way to earn Dentacoins at F3T London is by having a video interview, or posting an online review, which will help other patients when making a decision whether or not to use the services of the clinic. Later, patients could pay part of their treatment invoice with Dentacoin.

As a pilot project for this entirely new concept of dental clinics, patient feedback is essential for the future success of the venture. Therefore, Dentacoin plays an essential part in the future growth of the business.

Next step: Dentacoin Trusted Review Platform

F3T Dental Clinic also plans on being one of the first users of the Dentacoin Trusted Review Platform. The automated, manipulation-protected transactions on the platform will help the clinic to operate easier with Dentacoin while simultaneously achieving positive impact on its online presence, as well as developing stronger bond with the patients.

As the minimal Presale request has been passed less than 24 hours after the Presale start, the Dentacoin Team proceeds with developing this first value-generating tool for global use. The Trusted Review Platform is the first Blockchain-based platform for trusted dental treatment reviews which allows patients to raise their voice and thus – to have a strong influence on the overall treatment quality in the industry. Simultaneously, it offers dentists access to up-to-date, extremely valuable market research data and qualified patient feedback – the most powerful tool to improve service quality and to establish a loyal patient base.

What makes the Dentacoin Trusted Review platform different?

✓ No censorship. Due to the transparent, incentive-based and censorship resistant nature of this Blockchain-based solution, Dentacoin Review Platform aims at being the most functional review and market research system. Through a self-executing Ethereum Smart Contract, the Dentacoin review platform assures optimal autonomy, trust, speed and safety.

✓ Rewarded feedback. Patients are able to find their dentists in order to write a review based on open and multiple-choice questions and optionally – answer market research questions. Each survey is linked to the Ethereum blockchain and paid for in Dentacoins by a Smart Contract. In return, the earned amount can be used to pay for part of the further treatments at one of the Dentacoin partner dentists/clinics.

✓ Trusted Reviews. In order to provide even more trustworthy customer reviews, a new notion of „trusted reviews“ is implemented. Thus, there is a difference between standard reviews (which generally may be written by anyone) and trusted reviews on the other hand, which can only be written by actual patients. To make sure that a reviewer writes the feedback based on a prior treatment, each partner dentist is able to invite patients via email containing a review request link. This review is then marked as a trusted review.

✓ Global Community. By providing ways of earning and spending Dentacoins, we distribute the dental currency all over the industry. And even better: we harvest profound knowledge of the industry, allowing dentists and patients to form strong communities around the world and build upon mutual interest.


Excited? Same here.
What else would you like to know about the first experiences of our partner clinics? Or about the first Dentacoin tools to be developed? Get in touch and you will learn just as much as you would like to.


* SWISS Dentaprime (Varna, Bulgaria) and Dentaprime F3T (London, United Kingdom) are two independent legal entities. The start-up clinic in London had the opportunity to use the brand “Dentaprime” in its name, as their dental practitioners are trained and certified by the Dentaprime Academy.

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