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Public Beta: Dentacoin Wallet supports DCN Staking with WalletConnect

Published by Dentacoin Admin on

Our goal has always been to make Dentacoin Wallet the easiest app to manage your DCN tokens. Receiving, sending, or buying DCN effortlessly. But what about staking? Today we are happy to share that an integration with WalletConnect, now in Public Beta, will enable using Dentacoin Staking platform with Dentacoin Wallet app.

In the coming weeks, we will be collecting feedback from our community before the official release at the end of the month.


WalletConnect – lets your Dentacoin Wallet “speak” to Dentacoin Staking platform


A hundred of dApps and wallets use WalletConnect to interact with each other. As an open-source tool, it enables you to connect your wallet to a decentralized web application such as Dentacoin Staking or Uniswap. This way, when you make an action on the website, let’s say you want to stake an approval popup appears in your wallet. It is only when you confirm your choice in this popup that the transaction is sent to the blockchain. It is like the Staking platform “tells” the wallet via the WalletConnect integration what you want to do with your tokens, keeping full control of your assets. Using a decentralized staking platform directly linked to your wallet unlike common staking on exchanges gives you the security to always be able to withdraw your rewards and staked amount!


Dentacoin Wallet – all in one: buy or swap & stake


Dentacoin Staking platform is based on Optimism network for transaction cost savings and speed. This means that to stake, you need both DCN and ETH on the Optimism network. Even if your assets are on Ethereum Mainnet, with Dentacoin Wallet – SWAP feature you can bring them to Optimism in the easiest and most cost-effective way.


Here is how it works in 3 easy steps:


1) Connect your wallet to Dentacoin Staking website



2) Swap your DCN and ETH to Optimism through Dentacoin Wallet if they are on Ethereum Mainnet


3) Approve and stake your tokens



🎉 And, most importantly you will start collecting rewards instantly! Hitting the next staking pool milestone, 10 billion DCN, we will be sharing extra 88,888,888 DCN in rewards!





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