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[PRODUCT UPDATE] Dentacoin Hub 1.0 

Published by Dentacoin Team on

Unlocking the Full Potential of Dentacoin Hub


June 26th, 2019: We are absolutely thrilled to share with you that the next leap of progress for the Dentacoin Hub has just been made! Give a warm welcome to the new features available on the Hub – single sign-in across all tools, increased referral rewards, integrated account section and last, but certainly not least – cumulative wallet balance.


Single Sign-In 

Tired of having to manage the multiple accounts needed for each tool? Leave that in the past with the Single Sign-In feature! Now you have the possibility to use one universal account to access all our tools (only Dentacare app is yet to be integrated upon next releases). Quick and easy, you no longer need to create and remember your dedicated account. Just a few clicks to login via your preferred method (Facebook or Civic) and voila – you are now logged in to all tools without any hassle! But wait… there’s more!



Integrated Account Section

Not only you are able to use a universal login for all tools, now you are also able to manage your account settings via the Integrated Account Page. This gives you the opportunity to edit personal details, track all activities, manage your privacy and wallet – all in one place.



Cumulative Wallet Balance

Speaking of your Dentacoin balance, the new cumulative wallet feature allows you to check your individual balance on each tool, as well as the total you have accumulated between all tools. What’s the best thing about it? Once you’ve accumulated DCN in your account through the tools, you can directly withdraw the entire amount instead of committing single withdrawals from each tool. Now isn’t that handy?



See how it all works together in our quick demo:



Higher Referral Rewards 

Last, but certainly not least, we have turned up the rewards for referring your peers to the Dentacoin Ecosystem across all tools. 


Earn DCN = $0.10 for each registered user you have referred to the Dentacoin tools! Just hop on to your account section from any tool and fire those invites away! Whether it is by sharing a link, via email or your preferred messenger app or social network, it is entirely up to you. So don’t wait up – spread the Dentacoin mission and help improve dental care worldwide! You are just one click away…


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