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Pedo planet childrens dental center dcn partner

Pedo Planet Children's Dental Center Joins Dentacoin Network

Published by Daria Kerancheva on

We are proud to present our newest partner in India – Pedo Planet Children’s Dental Center! PPCDC is South India’s first network of pediatric dental centers. It was founded back in 2004 by Dr. M.S. Muthu – one of the most reputed pediatric dentists in the country, and it is currently managed by his wife Dr. Ankita Saikia who is also a pediatric dentist. Pedo Planet has four branches – three of them are in Chennai (Porur, Velachery, Anna Nagar) and one in the capital New Delhi. All dental practices are carefully designed to cater the needs of small children aged 0+ to 19. They aim to provide the highest quality of preventive and therapeutic oral health care with “passion, patience, and promptness” using state-of-the-art facilities.


Dentacoin: The Perfect Ally to Encourage Preventive Care


Based on his continuous observations, the founder Dr. Muthu shares that there has been a tremendous need to address preventive oral care for children. Parents, however, often tend to think over due to the cost involved. This is exactly where Dentacoin can help thanks to its inherent breakthrough power.

“Upon introducing Dentacoin in our practice, patients are entitled to lifelong, preventive dental care by partly paying with Dentacoin. The Dentacoin approach will help us to establish strong, lasting bonds with our patients and to prevent anticipated oral health issues as they grow.

Dentacoin will be instrumental as it guarantees patients to continue and maintain their good oral hygiene for future rewards. Hence, Dentacoin will aid in inculcating good oral hygiene habits early on and thus encourage lifetime patterns.”

Dr. M.S. Muthu
Chief Pediatric Dentist


Pedo Planet Velachery


Pedo Planet Children’s Dental Center’s director, Dr. Ankita Saikia, who is an enthusiastic learner open to new technologies, is also very optimistic about the potential of Dentacoin to raise patients’ awareness:

“Dentacoin has paved the way for cryptocurrencies into dentistry. This new idea has brought up a lot of excitement among our patients. Parents are curious to know about Dentacoin and its use. Our patients will be thrilled to own Dentacoin. We are very sure that Dentacoin will encourage our patients to report for regular follow ups.”

Director, Pedo Planet Children’s Dental Center, Dr. Ankita Saikia


Dr. Saikia finds Dentacoin’s Dentacare app and Jaws of Battle very educational and entertaining, and is already planning to introduce them to her small patients and their parents. She knows from experience how much energy and devotion it takes to create a mobile app dedicated to dental health. In October 2016, the dental trauma app Injured Tooth she developed won the Gold Award in the category Best Educational App.


More About Pedo Planet…


Dr. Muthu founded the clinic with the vision to design and operate it following the “Patient First” philosophy. The clinic’s specialised team of pediatric dentists is well-trained and practices minimally invasive dentistry in a holistic manner. In order to provide the highest possible level of safety, all dental professionals in Pedo Planet practices have been vaccinated against COVID-19. The treatment and services they provide are in line with the international standards.

Want to share your feedback or see all reviews about Pedo Planet’s practices? Just follow the link to the location you are looking for: Porur, Velachery, Anna Nagar.


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