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Patil's Dental Care Joins Dentacoin

Published by Pamela Doneva on

Dentacoin Partner Network expands further through the lands of India, as we welcome Patil’s Dental Care Clinic!  Dr. Amit Patil, who is the practice owner, has a decade of experience in the dental sector. Due to his tireless strive for excellence, he has been honored with the “Sahyadri Aarogyaratna Award”. Now he takes a step further into digital dentistry as he pursues Dentacoin implementation in Patil’s Dental Care.




Prospering Partnership With Dentacoin

In his decade-long dental experience, Dr. Patil has convinced himself that there is no better cure than prevention. His primary aim is to help people make educated decisions and become active participants in their oral care. Driven by this goal, Dr. Patil decided to join Dentacoin as the company’s mission perfectly aligns with his own.

“I saw Dr. Shah’s Dentacoin Banner on Facebook. Once I found more about the concept of this blockchain solution, I was very impressed and I wanted to join. Patil’s Dental Care – Cosmetic Dentistry & Implant practice is oriented solely towards preventative dental care. We want to help our patients to have access to affordable dental treatments. Dentacoin can help us with this.

Further, I think that Dentacoin’s platform gives a great opportunity for practitioners to stand out from the crowd.”

Dr. Amit Patil, Practice Owner

Dentists keep spreading the word about Dentacoin and so our Partner Network continues to grow! Not long after Dr. Patil came upon the “first dental blockchain”, he was ready to start using all Dentacoin Apps. What Dr. Patil is most excited about is the opportunity to provide patients with an innovative and safe payment method.

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Dentistry That Makes a Difference

Patil’s Dental Care specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants. The clinic is equipped with the most modern treatment tools, as it aims to give patients access to the best dental care services in the area.

Not only is Dr. Patil committed to dentistry, but he is also devoted to using the advantages of digital marketing and social media as a tool for raising awareness about healthcare. Dr. Patil has created a Telegram channel for his clinic in order to keep patients updated with engaging content related to preventative dental care.

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