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Parmar Dental Clinic Dentacoin Partner

Parmar Dental Clinic Becomes Dentacoin Partner

Published by Daria Kerancheva on

Prevention and proactive dental care bring like-minded people together! Dr. Aditya Parmar was scrolling through his Instagram account when he came upon our first #OralHealthMatters campaign post. Soon thereafter, he eagerly joined our partnership network to boost his Parmar Dental Clinic by leveraging Dentacoin currency and patient loyalty tools. And this gives us both “a reason to smile”! 🙂
Established back in 2016 in Panvel, Navi Mumbai, his dental practice is famous for providing painless dental services utilizing the latest dental technology and a personalized approach focused on alleviating dental fear. Dr. Aditya Parmar and his team give equal importance to post-treatment care and prevention as to dental procedures. Apart from getting their teeth and gum issues treated with highest attention, Dr. Parmar’s patients leave the dental office with useful tips for maintaining proper at-home oral hygiene.

Oral health is a key component of health. Poor oral health has a strong impact on general health and social integration.
Dentacoin’s project promotes good oral health. It also provides dentists with useful dental research insights and helps practices improve patient loyalty.”
Dr. Aditya Parmar, Founder

Dr. Parmar will gradually introduce his patients to Trusted Reviews, DentaVox and all other patient loyalty apps developed by Dentacoin. Thus, they will be able to earn DCN by actively expanding their knowledge about dental health and improving their oral care habits. After the official launch of Dentacoin on Ethereum Optimism, paying for their dental treatments in DCN is now much faster and cost-efficient.

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