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Video: What is Ethereum?
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Video What is Ethereum dentacoin
Dentacoin is an ERC20 token programmed on the basis of the Ethereum Blockchain. But what is Ethereum? This is a powerful decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that execute exactly as coded, preventing censorship, fraud, downtime or 3d party interference. It is designed to handle messaging, secure payments, decentralized storage, e-commerce, voting, banking, internet of things. Developers can build applications for communities and businesses while keeping communi...
Currencies, Evolution and Blockchain
Published by Betina Bogdanova on
Evolution blockchain
Currencies, Evolution and Blockchain. ‘Creative destruction threatens power. This is why disruptive innovations require new models of thinking to truly enable new technology to reach its potential in a competitive market.’ — Tim Wu, The Master Switch It is an undeniable fact, nowadays, that in our everyday life we use different currencies irrespectively whether we realize it or not. Using it every day one would think that most people should be familiar with the creation process, how...
Georgi Balinov, Merrill Lynch talks to Dentacoin
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Georgi Balinov Merrill Lynch about dentacoin
As Dentacoin has a specific industrial orientation and is planned to be used as an industrial means of payment, it is of high importance to our team to get valuable feedback from professionals in various relevant fields such as dentistry, finance, macroeconomics, insurance or Blockchain. It was our pleasure to have Mr. Georgi Balinov, Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, sharing his thoughts on the hype around Blockchain Technology. Dentacoin: Currently, there's hype around Blockchain ...
The success factors behind Dentacoin
Published by Dentacoin Team on
The success factors behind dentacoin
Prof. Dr. Dimitrakiev, the Founder of Dentacoin Foundation, explains more about the projects, being developed to revolutionize the Global Dental Industry. Why is he so convinced in the success of the Dentacoin concept? What are The success factors behind Dentacoin? Learn below. Prof. Dimitrakiev, in your statements and interviews you have explained the Dentacoin concept from different points of view. What is the central mission of Dentacoin? Prof. Dimitrakiev: It is an utter unfairness tha...
Why does world need more currencies?
Published by Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev on
Why world needs more currencies
The Bretton Woods Conference (*1) is one of greatest international economic gatherings ever. And while no one can say yet whether the role of the USD in the international monetary system will be the same dominant in future, there are more than just doubts. One key feature of the Bretton Woods system was that countries would bind their exchange rates to the US dollar. While this system was effectively eliminated in 1971, the US dollar’s dominating role in the global currency system is still ...
Dentacoin: an Autonomous Organization and a Foundation
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Dentacoin an Autonomous Organization
Prof. Dr. Dimitrakiev, the Founder of Dentacoin Foundation, explains more about the pillars of the Dentacoin’s organizational concept. Prof. Dimitrakiev, could you please explain the organizational concept of Dentacoin? Prof. Dr. Dimitrakiev: Two are the pillars of the Dentacoin’s organizational concept. On the one hand, Dentacoin is a completely autonomous, decentralized organization. This innovative concept represents a network of decentralized users working together to bring value t...
Dentacoin's Mission: Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Dentacoin’s Mission Healthcare Industry in the hands of the people
Dentacoin is an industrial blockchain concept invented by Dentacoin Foundation in the Netherlands. The Dentacoin ERC20 token is configured to be used globally by all individuals. And what is Dentacoin's Mission? The starting point: Nowadays, each service industry, aiming at long-term success, is driven by the customers’ feedback. Healthcare Industry is no exception. No regulatory authority, no central institution, no powerful organization or individual could control the industry better than...
The First Blockchain Concept for the Global Dental Industry
Published by Dentacoin Team on
Dentacoin The First Blockchain Concept for the Global Dental Industry
Dentacoin (DCN) is the Bitcoin of Dentistry. It is the first and only crypto coin created as a payment method in dentistry worldwide. This is an opportunity to invest in this growing, high-tech oriented, 500 billion USD industry. Dentacoin provides value-creating tools. Those tools, together with the game-changing Assurance model, will inevitably improve the dental industry providing various benefits for suppliers, patients and dentists. It will improve dental health and will lower costs for ...