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Dentacoin Patient Loyalty App Now in Beta Testing
Published by Petya Ivanova on
Dentacoin hub app beta mail
We are excited to share that beta testing for Dentacoin HubApp, a patient loyalty mobile application, has started last week. Thanks to the app, in just a few minutes Dentacoin partner dentists will be able to launch their own patient loyalty program from scratch at no cost. The app can be used also to enhance an already running loyalty program. Dentacoin HubApp for dentists: Get your own patient loyalty app   ➡️ Fully customizable design Dentacoin HubApp is fully customiza...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: December 6 - 11, 2020
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Weekly updates v3 blog&facebook&mail4
The holiday season is fast approaching, as we expanded our partner network with a new member this week, following their sister company’s entry. We have also made steady waves with one of the upcoming new tools to complement our suite reaching testing phase. Let’s find out what else kept us excited this week:   CURRENT TOPICS   ANOTHER DENTACOIN PARTNER FROM VERTEX GROUP: TC SMILE DENTAL “Sharing a common perspective on how to tackle the challenges of the dental industr...
Another Dentacoin Partner from Vertex Group: TC Smile Dental
Published by Petya Ivanova on
Tc smile clinic partner mockup
Greet a familiar face with a Hollywood smile, as our recent partners Vertex Cosmo are returning for a second occasion to introduce another brand of their dental clinics to the Dentacoin network - TC Smile Dental.  While Vertex Clinic’s focus is on dental and plastic surgery, TC Smile Dental’s key area of expertise is providing patients with quality dental restorations and orthodontic treatments. The clinic offers a large selection of specialist aligners, brace solutions, and veneers, as ...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: November 27 - December 04, 2020
Published by Petya Ivanova on
Weekly updates v3 inside5
We welcomed the last month of the year with the launch of Dentacoin Holiday Calendar Challenge. What prizes are awaiting you every day? What are the other exciting developments this week? Join us as we take a closer look:   CURRENT TOPICS DENTACOIN HOLIDAY CHALLENGE: UNLOCK A NEW REWARD EVERY DAY Dentacoin Holiday Challenge is here, packed with exciting rewards and fun tasks!  From Dentacoin tokens, through fun surprise daily gifts, to extra tickets for the big raffle - all waitin...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: November 20 - 27, 2020
Published by Petya Ivanova on
Weekly updates v2 6
It's the last weekly updates for the month, as we mark an important partnership with a leading aesthetics dental chain in Southeast Asia, while keeping busy with the upcoming Dentacoin Holiday Challenge. As you wait to discover what surprises are awaiting you in the holiday calendar, let’s catch up with the latest highlights:   CURRENT TOPICS   VERTEX COSMO: LEADING AESTHETIC DENTAL CHAIN BECOMES DENTACOIN PARTNER Time to welcome our latest partner -  Vertex Clinic, a lea...
Vertex Clinic - Leading Aesthetic Dentistry Center Becomes Dentacoin Partner
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Vertex clinic partner mockup
Let’s give a warm welcome to Dentacoin’s newest partner - Vertex Clinic, joining with 2 branches located in the country’s capital, Bangkok!    Vertex Clinic is part of a renowned health care chain that includes a dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery center, aesthetic surgery clinic, brain development center, and snoring treatment clinic. Featured on the popular TV show, “Let me in Thailand”, the clinic has helped many patients to achieve a dream makeover.    ...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: November 13 - 20, 2020
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Weekly updates v3 blog&facebook&mail10
The month is slowly drawing to an end, but our work is far from over. This week we dedicated towards the development of new additions to our tool suite, as well as a significant upcoming partnership. Let’s catch up with the latest highlights:   CURRENT TOPICS   2 NEW MOBILE APPS IN DEVELOPMENT Our development team has kept busy with the programming of 2 new apps to supplement our tool suite this week. One is related to improving patient loyalty and the other to DentaVox Ma...
Weekly Updates: November 6 - 13, 2020
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Weekly updates v3 blog&facebook&mail8
We’re approaching November’s half-time whistle with plenty of interesting developments, especially in terms of partnerships. What kept us excited this week? Find out below:   CURRENT TOPICS   NEW PARTNER: DR. VIRMANI'S DENTAL CENTRE Say hello to our newest partner - Dr. Virmani's Dental Centre! “We look forward to building on top our existing networks and amplifying our message, especially in the field of prevention.” - Dr. Virmani shared. Read more: 1) Dentac...
New Partner: Dr. Virmani's Dental Centre
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Dr. Virmani's Dental Centre
Time to give out a warm welcome to Dr. Virmani's Dental Centre, as it becomes the newest partner in the Dentacoin network.    About Dr. Virmani's Dental Centre (VDC) Founded by the husband and wife duo of Dr. Y. K. Virmani and Dr. Mrs. Anu Virmani, VDC has proudly served patients in their community since 1978. Combining more than 40 years of experience in the field, with state-of-the-art technology and caring staff, VDC offers dental services of utmost quality.    As a...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: October 30 - November 6, 2020
Published by Petar Stoykov on
Weekly updates v3 blog&facebook&mail14
Say hello to November with our first weekly updates for the month. Grab a nice warm drink and join as we take a closer look at the highlights:   CURRENT TOPICS   DENTACOIN BUYING COMPETITION CONCLUDED Thank you all for taking part in the Dentacoin buying competition and congratulations to all the winners.   COMING SOON   UPCOMING HOLIDAY SURPRISES With the holiday season drawing near, we are preparing a list of surprises for you. What will Santa bring th...