Buy Oral Care Products with Dentacoin (DCN) on Toothbrushzone
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Toothbrushzone buy with dcn
Get ready for a brand new exciting opportunity for you to contribute your Dentacoin towards better oral health, as we welcome Toothbrushzone to the partner network. Now you can buy oral care products from A to Z using your DCN tokens!  About Based in Slovenia, Toothbrushzone is an online marketplace that presents an entirely new use case for your favourite dental industry token. It is a fruit of collaboration within the Dentacoin partner network, combining the efforts...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: June 26 - July 3, 2020
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Say hello to July, as we kickstart this gorgeous summer month with a blazing set of developments! Let’s catch up with the latest buzz, especially when it comes to the roadmap milestones. Speaking of which...   CURRENT TOPICS   DENTACOIN ASSURANCE 1.0: OFFICIAL LAUNCH ON THE ETHEREUM MAINNET Time to celebrate a crucial achievement: We have just deployed Dentacoin Assurance to the #Ethereum Mainnet! The plan introduces a novel use case of smart contracts, allows dentists to ...
Dentacoin Assurance 1.0: Official Launch on the Ethereum Mainnet 
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Dentacoin assurance mainnet launch blockchain
Today is a crucially important day at Dentacoin Foundation, as its cornerstone product - Dentacoin Assurance - has been officially deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet.  See contract: Deployment TX Visit website: Dentists | Patients   DENTACOIN ASSURANCE: Building a Health System that Cares  Dentacoin Assurance introduces an entirely new, tangible use case of smart contracts within the real-world dental industry. The plan enhances oral health by entitling patients to preventive servic...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: June 19 - 26, 2020
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Another week passes by, with plenty of amazing developments to look forward to, especially when it comes to the launch of the newest member of the Dentacoin tool suite and a major milestone in the roadmap. Let's catch up with the latest highlights:   CURRENT TOPICS Once again this week, Dentacoin Assurance was the top highlight for the team’s focus. For those out of the loop, the upcoming public mainnet introduces an entirely new, tangible use case of smart contracts within the real...
Dr. James J. Lee, Los Angeles Becomes Partner
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James lee los angeles california dentacoin partner
Say hello to the Golden State once again, as we welcome James J. Lee and his clinic to the ever-expanding Dentacoin partner network!   About James J. Lee DDS Inc. Following in the footsteps of Dr. Peterson and Dr. Hoefke, Dr. Lee took over the management of the practice that has been in business ever since the mid 20th century towards new opportunities for dental excellence. Naturally, the doctor continues upholding the values the clinic has been known for throughout its journey - ...
“Wait until It Aches” or Why Dentistry Seems So Expensive 
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Wait unitl it hurts dental care expensive ft
Be it out of laziness, fear, depression, bad habits, or else, procrastination is never a good thing. And as used we all are to recognize procrastination in our personal and professional lives, we tend to forget about all delays our health suffers from.   “I will eat healthy starting next Monday.” And Monday never comes. “I will do regular sports”. And this regularity lasts up to a few weeks. “I will run some blood tests… But only when I have problems.” “I will...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: June 12 - 19, 2020
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We’re half-way through the month, with plenty of exciting developments brewing on the horizon. Join us this lovely summer Friday, as we take a closer look at the latest highlights:   CURRENT TOPICS This week kept us busy with the final touches on Dentacoin Assurance, before the public mainnet launch, scheduled to be released soon.  Additionally we are also polishing the final touches, prior to the iOS release for Dentacare: Jaws of Battle. Eager to start? Skip the tutorial and gr...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: June 5 - 12, 2020
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It’s a hot summer day bringing you some fresh blazing Dentacoin developments. So grab a cool drink and join us as we take a closer look at this week’s fiery highlights, but first…   CURRENT TOPICS   ONGOING COINTIGER COMPETITION Dentacoin trading on CoinTiger is already up and running! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity - last three days to join the listing celebration campaign: 1.5 billion DCN rewards are awaiting new users and active traders! https://blog.denta...
Dentacoin Weekly Updates: May 29 - June 5, 2020
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Say hello to June, as we kickstart an exciting month with plenty of interesting developments. But before we start let us bring your attention to some key announcements:   CURRENT TOPICS:   DENTACOIN LISTED ON COINTIGER Dentacoin will be listed on CoinTiger. Trading starts June 9 with a special listing celebration campaign! See details of how you can win Dentacoin by participating here:   MI...
Dentacoin to Be Listed on CoinTiger - Trading Starts June 9
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Get your coins ready, for we have some thrilling news for traders and holders alike, as Dentacoin gets listed on the popular, Singaporean-based CoinTiger exchange.     CoinTiger + Dentacoin The well-established CoinTiger platform facilitates the exchange of 130+ digital assets and FIAT currencies, serving "3.5 million users from more than 150 countries" with a large share of Chinese users. Their website enjoys nearly 2 million monthly visitors from all over the world. N...