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Importance of online reviews when choosing a dentist in 2019 [Statistics]

Published by Petya Ivanova on

Many dental practices have recognized the role of online reviews for word-of-mouth recommendations. Before deciding which dentist to visit, potential patients often look for tips from the experience and comments of others. That’s why an increasing number of dental practices are aiming to build a positive reputation through online reviews and thus attract new patients.


Acknowledging the growing importance of patient feedback, we aimed to explore how much patients actually trust online reviews. We addressed this subject in our survey on Dental Ethics, published on DentaVox.


Find a snapshot of our findings in the infographic below.


Dentist online reviews infographic

Download Infographic (.pdf) 




Up to 87% of respondents trust online reviews


In all regions, a high share of patients relies on online reviews as a source of recommendation for a dentist. Their percentage is highest in the United States – 87%, followed by Australia – 66%, and Europe – 45%.


Very small percentage of patients are skeptical to reviews


Only 1% of US respondents find reviews untrustworthy. European survey participants are more skeptical with 20% of them saying they do not trust online reviews. Still, their share is relatively smaller compared to 45 % of EU respondents who believe online reviews are a credible source.




Reviews are an essential part of online reputation


Results show that dental practices cannot afford to ignore online reviews as they can strongly affect the patient’s decision. In fact, taking a proactive approach instead has many benefits.
By regularly inviting patients to submit a review, dentists can increase the number and recency of their reviews. Furthermore, analyzing patient feedback and improving upon it will guarantee higher ratings and more recommendations in the long term.


Dental practices can multiply the impact of reviews significantly if they display them on their website. This can be easily implemented through website widgets like Trusted Reviews widget, which automatically shows patient feedback on the dentist’s website. Other ways to take full advantage of reviews is to share them on social media or include them in advertising and promotion material.


Focus on genuine reviews


Not all reviews are equal. Ratings on general sites can give a misleading picture because they do not differentiate feedback from real patients. Therefore, harmful fake reviews cannot be easily spotted. Some specialized platforms include features to highlight genuine reviews and thus help the patient make an informed choice. For instance, on Trusted Reviews verified feedback is emphasized. Also, the patient has the option to request an invite from his dentist.


Stand out with comprehensive reviews


Star ratings and comments are not sufficient to capture the complete experience. Usually, the patient encounters multiple touchpoints with the dental practice – from booking an appointment, through reception welcome, to treatment experience, communication with staff, etc.


A comprehensive questionnaire can guide the patient to recollect these instances and to provide more accurate feedback. This way potential issues of inaccurate overall rating can be prevented. For instance, dissatisfaction with single aspect will not affect strongly the rating of otherwise positive experience.


Dentists do not need to waste time on thinking about how and what to ask patients. Trusted Reviews questionnaire is prepared specially for dentists and dental clinics and covers all the important aspects of the patient experience.


Join Dentacoin Trusted Reviews dental directory to unleash the power of online reviews and grow your practice through word-of-mouth recommendations from verified patients:



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Victoria Addington

My sister asked me to find her reputable dentists online since she’s planning to consider getting an implant for her lost tooth. Thanks for your article on how online reviews greatly impact the views of patients when it comes to choosing a dentist. I like how writing reviews guarantee ratings given to dentists. In this way, I may be able to know who offers quality dental service.

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