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NFTs by Dentacoin: Supporting Dental Charity Causes

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Following the recommendations of our community, we are excited to present the first NFTs by Dentacoin. Developed to raise awareness for the importance of oral health, the NFTs will be offered on the largest marketplace OpenSea. Funds raised through the NFTs will go to various dental care charity causes.


Why NFTs?

NTFs are the hot new trend in the crypto world but what is their place in Dentacoin development? What do digital art and dentistry have in common?

NFTs, unique pieces of digital artwork, created to live on the blockchain, have gained popularity recently. These digital assets represent actual art pieces, music, in-game items and videos. And, as a new form of art collection, they signify who is the owner of the original piece. For the first half of 2021 alone, NFT sales peaked to $2.5 billion.


Dentacoin NFTs for a Good Cause

In a recent community poll 88% of participants stood behind the idea for Dentacoin to release its own NFT collection. Following the poll, many interesting ideas were shared in our contest. Inspired by the positive response of the community, we have developed Dentacoin’s first collection.

Nft collection dentacoin

With the money collected through these NFTs, we would contribute to charity campaigns focused on oral care awareness, prevention and dental treatment for the underprivileged. And, it surely corresponds with the mission of Dentacoin to make affordable dental care accessible to all! Suitable campaigns are in the process of evaluation so stay tuned for more news about it!

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