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New Progressive Partner: The Dental Studio

Published by Pamela Doneva on

Dentacoin continues to expand in India, as we welcome a new partner from the country! We are happy to be joined by Indore’s clinic – The Dental Studio! The clinic is run by the highly progressive and ambitious Dr. Ankur Acharya. He accepts patients 24/7 with the motivation to spread accessibility in the dental health area. For him, preventative dentistry is of the utmost priority and the patient’s good experience matters greatly. Dentacoin tools are the newest method that Dr. Ankur implements in the practice with the aim to create the best experience possible for patients. 


Dentists and Patients From All Over The World Connected By Dentacoin


Have you been finding more and more information about Dentacoin tools online? Well, you are not the only one! Like many other recent partners, Dr. Ankur Acharya found out about Dentacoin while searching for dental apps online. He was impressed by the progressive idea of combining the new blockchain technologies with dental care. On one hand, you have an authorized source for trusted online reviews, combined with a system that allows users to earn crypto tokens. Then, you also have preventative dental care tools such as the Dentacare app, Jaws of Battle game for children, and educational paid surveys. 


What is more, Dr. Ankur Acharya believes that it could be quite beneficial for young practitioners like himself to be part of an international network like Dentacoin. Because at the end of the day Dentacoin does not only help in dentistry but also connects people – patients to dentists, dentists to other professionals. It binds together dental care enthusiasts from all over the world. Dr. Acharya shared his first impressions of Dentacoin with us: 


Dental Health is Important 24/7

Dr. Ankur Acharya graduated with a degree from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya in 2015. Since then he has been devoted to the profession, curing thousands of people. His specialty is in the area of orthodontics. Dr. Acharya is working on a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And keeping a practice with such working hours is definitely not an easy task! But as the community is in demand of more accessible healthcare, Dr. Ankur is ready to help as much as he can. 


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The Dental Studio is situated in the area of New Palasia. The practice’s location assures patients a stress-free treatment away from public transport and other city hassles. Not surprisingly, reviews about Dr. Ankur’s excellent work can be found on multiple sources online, including Google Reviews. People are pleased with their painless and relaxed dental experience, as well as with the professional and polite attitude of Dr. Ankur. 


Have you had the chance to visit The Dental Studio? You can now leave a review about your experience on Trusted Reviews website!



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