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New Partner: UK-based Lab DentModern Joins Dentacoin Network

Published by Daria Kerancheva on

We are happy to welcome DentModern, the premier dental laboratory for South East England, to Dentacoin Partner Network! Established back in 2013 in East Sussex, DentModern specialises in the fabrication of dental implants and cosmetic solutions of aesthetic excellence. In order to reach these high standards, the lab combines state-of-the-art technology (CAD/CAM, digital printing) with technique and quality materials from world leaders in dentistry.


Gene’s Morphology

“As a dental ceramist, I have been driven in making natural dentition rather than crowns. It’s been a life’s journey of mine to replicate nature’s anatomy.”, says Gene Wint, Dental Ceramist and Director at DentModern. “The morphology of the natural tooth is the ceramists’ ideal guide. Close observation of this teaches us how it functions, its relationship to the periodontal tissues and how it creates harmony with a person’s face.”

Mr. Wint is a member of the General Dental Council and graduated from the London College of Dental Technology. He has worked with a host of dentists and dental technologists across England. One of the dental surgeons he has collaborated with for over 30 years (Dr Stephen Gray, Wallingford, Oxford) describes Gene Wint as a “technician of the highest skill and integrity” offering a “uniquely personal service”. 


Embracing Crypto & Accepting Dentacoin

Gene’s passion for new technologies, however, goes beyond the realms of the dental industry. In late 2020, he completed a Crypto Basics course from a leading online university for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and keeps deepening his knowledge ever since. After finding out about Dentacoin, he was truly enthusiastic to explore our apps and digital currency, so it didn’t take him long to decide to become our Partner. 

“I think Dentacoin is deflationary. This will provide the paradigm shift in finance and the way the world does business. There are added use case adoptions for the blockchain technology such as smart contracts, transparency, immutability, decentralisation and low transaction costs. This then becomes decentralised which means no individual or powerful organisation having complete control of the particular ecosystem.”

Gene Wint, Dental Ceramist & Director at DentModern


DentModern already accepts Dentacoin payments from Partner Dentists and Suppliers. As soon as Mr. Wint accumulates a considerable amount of transactions, he’ll be able to share his experience with us and provide his feedback. 


After DentModern’s accession, Dentacoin Partner Network now extends over 41 countries and 118 locations. See all Partner locations here!


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