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New Partner in Nigeria: Dr. Nas Cole, Perfect Smile Dental Clinic

Published by Petya Ivanova on

We are now further expanding our presence in Nigeria with the second partner joining our network, Dr. Nas Cole, and his clinic Perfect Smile Dental Clinic. Excited by Dentacoin’s concept and toolset, Dr. Cole has been actively spreading the word about Dentacoin not only among patients but also among fellow dentists. As an active participant in dentist’s specialist groups on social media, he has been referring his colleagues to Dentacoin. Soon we will be announcing more partnerships in Nigeria as a result of Dr. Cole’s ambassador efforts.

What attracted Dr. Cole to Dentacoin is the oppportunity to improve patient satisfaction while enjoying DCN rewards. But, don’t take our word for granted, let’s hear it from Dr. Nas Cole personally:



🌟 In the spotlight: Dr. Nas Cole & Perfect Smile Dental Clinic


Located in the city of Abba in the southeast part of the country, the practice aims to be a place where 5-star hospitality meets healthcare. Following strictly Standard Operating Procedures, the dental clinic regularly partners up with other local and international healthcare facilities to provide even more upscale service.


PinLocation: Aba, Nigeria


ManifestoProfessional Manifesto: “Every patient or stakeholder in this facility is a King / Queen deserving courtesy, empathy, prompt quality attention.” 


Clinic Owner Dr. Nas Cole:


CapEducation: University of Benin


Dr brownExperience: 6+ years 


TeethField of Expertise: Dental Surgeon


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