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New Partner: Identist Family Dental Care

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Today we are happy to welcome Dr. Vikash Singh, a practitioner with more than 6 years of dental experience to the Dentacoin Partner Network. He joins with his practice Identist Family Dental Care, located in Kalyani, Muzaffarpur. Dr. Singh’s lifelong goal of providing quality treatment care at low cost now brings him as 194th Dentacoin partner.


Providing Easy Access to Dental Care with Dentacoin


Dr. Vikash Singh got quickly fascinated with Dentacoin’s concept. Hikes that the DCN token can be used by patients to cover their medical expenses. Practicing in Muzaffarpur, 4th most populated city in the area of Bihar, Dr. Singh often meets a  lot of patients in need of urgent treatment. Sadly, dental care is not always financially accessible to all of them, shares the young dentist:


“Dentacoin is a unique concept! The platform gives patients wide and easy access to dental care. I love the fact that this can lower the final cost that the patient pays in cash. What I also like is that Dentacoin allows dental practitioners to express themselves and to be represented in the medical field.”

Dr. Vikash Singh, Practice Owner


In addition to treating adult patients, Dr. Singh is experienced in working with children. Naturally, when he found out about Dentacoin’s Jaws of Battle application he was eager to find ways that he can utilize it in his practice. Driven by the initial desire to create a positive impact for the local community, we are sure that Dr. Singh will efficiently implement all of Dentacoin’s tools.


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A Driving Force For Any Dental Practice


Dr. Singh holds a degree in BDS and is experienced in general dentistry. He is a firm believer that technology is the driving force of development, and therefore he has equipped Identist Family Dental Care’s practice with the most modern dental tools. 


Apart from equipment, Dr. Singh recognizes the benefits of good patient-dentist communication,  and that serves him well in calming even the most nervous patients. Patients are welcomed in his dental practice from Monday to Saturday, and each person’s oral health condition is examined in detail.


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