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New Dentacoin Partner: Arya Dental Care

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Time to give out a warm welcome to Dr. Jyoti Arya’s Dental Centre, as it becomes the newest partner in the Dentacoin network. Тhe clinic located in Ranchi, Jharkhand in the Eastern part of India, offers patients a welcoming environment where they can forget about dental fear. Dr. Arya is an experienced dental surgeon with more than 10 years of experience. But her aim to help people goes beyond the dental chair. She was recently part of Dental Health Camp and is devoted to improving the dental scene in her local area.


How will Dentacoin’s implementation serve Dr. Arya through accomplishing her goals? We talked about that and more today!



Dr. Arya with the celebrity dentist Dr. Sandesh Mayekar who treated King Khan, Katrina Kaif, Kareena, and others.


What Dentacoin and Charity Have in Common?


Dr. Jyoti Arya is the definition of a caring and thorough dentist. What is more, she loves to engage in charity projects and spread awareness about healthcare. The recent “Dental Health Camp” that she organized had the goal of organizing an environment where the community gets educated on dental issues. And as the Dentacoin project is initially tied to preventative dental care, Dr. Arya’s attention got sparked.


“I like Dentacoin because it gives affordable ways of payment to our patients. Dentavox website can also give a lot of dental information. That is necessary because a lot of people still do not know how to take proper care of their teeth. Dentacoin is big progress for our clinic”

Dr. Jyoti Arya, Dental surgeon


In her practice, Dr. Arya encourages each patient to go through dental examinations and teeth cleanings twice a year. Now with Dentacoin, all her patients regardless of financial background will have an easier chance to engage in preventive dental procedures. DentaVox surveys give chances for people to earn crypto tokens. 



How Arya Dental Care Handles Covid-19 Situation?

Dr. Arya is experienced in a wide variety of dental procedures. Gathering knowledge from different areas led her to specialize in complex treatments such as root canal treatment, implantations, extractions and dental surgery. She leads the staff of Arya Dental Care with passion as she assures that all the whole staff is deeply committed to the goal.


During times like Covid-19, it’s crucial that everyone takes special measures so the pandemic could come to an end. And Dr. Arya’s practice takes responsibility as she implies the highest standards of hygiene. The safety of patients is taken care of with careful sterilization after each visit.


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