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New dentacoin partner dr sanjay

New Clinic in India: Dr. Agarwal Becomes Partner

Published by Petar Stoykov on

Say hello to picturesque India once more, as we welcome Dr. Sanjay Agarwal’s Advanced Dental & Root Canal Treatment Centre in Greenpark. Dr. Agarwal’s ISO 9001:2000 certified practice offers top quality treatments in the fields of endodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics, implantology, cosmetic and general dentistry from his welcoming practice, based in New Delhi.


About Advanced Dental & Root Canal Treatment Center

Dr. Agarwal is a dental surgery alumnus of the prestigious King George’s Medical College with significant contributions in his field. As a renowned dental surgeon he was awarded the “Bharat Jyoti Award,” as well as a certificate of dental excellence, for his service to the nation. Additionally Dr. Agarwal is a fellow in the UK Royal Society of Health and enjoys membership in the Indian Dental Association, the Federation of Operative Dentistry of India (F. O. D. I.), the Academy of Oral Implantology, as well as the Indian Academic of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry (I. A. A. C. D.). Last, but certainly not least the doctor was a visiting consultant Endodontist and surgeon, by being attached to the Indraprastha Apollo Clinic.


Drs agarwal award


Fortunately, Dr. Agarwal is not alone in his quest for dental excellence, thanks to his wife – Dr. (Mrs.) Priti Agarwal and son Dr. Pritish Agarwal. Dr. Priti Agarwal is the recipient of several awards – the Bharat Gaurav Award, the Gold Medal Art of Excellence in Medicare Award and many others. She is also a member of the Indian Dental Association. 


Drs agarwal


Supporting Digital Payments in India

We are thrilled to have Drs. Agarwal’s practices join us on our mission to facilitate the move towards digital payment methods. In a post-covid world the opportunity for disruption in this field is ripe according to Dr. Agarwal and we share his opinion:


Draggarwal“ I think Dentacoin is an interesting solution for my practice because in today’s growing world we are all aware of the importance of digital currency especially after the world being hit by the coronavirus. A lot has and will change from now on and more things will become digital especially payments and we are looking forward to being at the forefront of this, as representatives of the dental industry here in India.” – shared Dr. Agarwal about cryptocurrency payments. 


Not only that, we see a great potential in amplifying each other’s messages with this partnership, as we strive together towards better dental care for everyone in the world, through prevention. 


“I am an avid supporter of cryptocurrency, especially Dentacoin, as it will be of great benefit for both doctors and patients. I see great potential for increasing my visibility, by connecting with Dentacoin and sharing a symbiotic relationship. Doing so, will allow me to reach more potential patients and thus add more services via a cutting edge payments model.” – he concluded.


With Dr. Agarwal’s two practices aboard the ever-growing Dentacoin network, spans all continents, across 30 countries, thanks to the 113 establishments making preventative dentistry a reality. See all partners here.

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