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Milestone Achieved: Transactions Made Easier with Dentacoin Wallet 1.0

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October 31st: We are thrilled to announce the official release of the Dentacoin Wallet dApp 1.0. The new release version features further UX improvements and facilitation of the entire customer journey, making it more convenient than ever to become part of the Dentacoin ecosystem! Let’s walk through the fresh-off-the-press features:


Creating a Wallet Address

The first key highlight of the release is the ability for users to create their own address without using MetaMask. Up until now the MetaMask extension was required for any and all interactions with the wallet, however now with the new handy Secret Key feature, this is no longer the case. Users are now able to register a new wallet address directly via the wallet and encrypt it with their own password for protection. After this they will be prompted to download the Secret Key File, which they can use to access their wallet on another device, or after they’ve logged out.



Wallet Login and Secret Key File

Simply put the Secret Key File is the equivalent of having a hotel room card which becomes active only after you’ve input your password. Once you insert it into room card reader and activate it, it unlocks the room door. The same logic applies to the Secret Key File, but instead of swiping the door lock, you import (upload) the Secret Key File you have saved, when making a registration, activate it with your password and voila – your wallet is unlocked.



Logging Out

To add to that, we’ve implemented an additional security measure, which you can take advantage of, especially when accessing your wallet from a public device, with the introduction of the “Forget this account” feature. It is located at the bottom of the wallet page and serves as a logout function, which prevents users from accessing someone else’s wallet, after they’ve logged in once on that particular device. In order to log back in their wallet, users would have to use the Secret Key File feature, or MetaMask, depending on the way they’ve created their wallet address.


Scan and Send

Last, but certainly not least we’ve facilitated the process of sending Dentacoin to a recipient of your liking, with our built-in QR code scanner. The scanner will read the QR code presented to it and automatically fill the wallet address associated with it in. After that, just input the amount you would like to transfer and you’re ready to send. Leave the difficulty of typing long complex sets of numbers and letters in the past, for the scan and send feature is here to make your life easier, by making sure you always transfer to the right address – no more typos.



What This Means for You

Overall the new features streamline the way you access your wallet and provide you with a more convenient and user-friendly method of doing so. You no longer need to download, install and use third-party extensions, just to access your Dentacoin wallet, but are able to do everything from one place instead. This includes purchasing Dentacoin with card, via the built-in Indacoin API, available from the previous versions of the wallet dApp.


Forget about complicated interactions with the blockchain, as well as impossible to remember public and private keys – access your wallet hassle free, whenever and wherever you want, safely and securely with one central interface – the Dentacoin Wallet dApp 1.0.

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