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Meet New Partner: Oramax Dental Clinic

Published by Pamela Doneva on

Dentacoint expands its partner network with a new clinic accepting DCN currency – Oramax Dental Clinic. With pride, we welcome founder Dr. Khushal, who is a prominent member of Indian’s dental society. He is a member of the association of oral and maxillofacial surgeons of India (AOMSI) & the Indian dental association (IDA). Including Dentacoin to the practice comes in naturally as it aligns perfectly with the modern views of dentistry in Oramax Dental Clinic.


A Journey of Succesful Treatments


Since the establishment of Oral, Maxillofacial Surgeon & Implantologist 7 years ago, close to 3000 patients have been treated by the experienced team of the clinic. The clinic offers a variety of treatments, as its well-versed team of dentists performs root canal treatments, esthetic and routine restorations, and other procedures.  Dr. Khushal’s aim is to provide hi-tech painless dental therapies to his patients. His motivation comes from the goal of treating patients with empathy and serving society. 


OraMax dental clinic, Juhu specializes in smile makeovers to enhance your personality, boost your self-image and confidence, and make you fall in love with your smile. OraMax believes that you must love yourself first to be able to create good impressions on others.” commented Dr. Khushal.


Creating a better environment is not always an easy task, that’s why the clinic is supported by four other practicing dentists, each one of them a profound specialist. Dr. Khushal himself is a distinguished professional. He graduated from the prestigious government dental college and hospital (GDC) Mumbai in 2013 and completed his post-graduation from Padmashree Dr. D.Y.Patil University, Pune.


Dentacoin is Changing Patient – Dentist Relations!


Dr. Khushal is not new to the technology world. His team is utilizing social media for educating patients on how to take better care of their dental health. 

In the dental clinic, preventative practices are a key part of the oral care process. And therefore, new technologies with attention to prevention need to be implemented.


“Dentacoin is a new and innovative technology.  It is quite an interesting concept and I believe that it is going to become the next big thing in the dentistry world! By providing simple solutions to payment gateways Dentacoin is changing the way we do business and also, our relations with patients.” commented Dr. Khushal.


With youthful, ambitious, and progressive team, it is never a hassle to work. 


Have you had the chance to visit Oramax Dental Clinic? Share your experience with the world on their Trusted Reviews page.


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