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Make My Tooth - Jaunpur Joins Dentacoin Network

Published by Daria Kerancheva on

Our partner network in India has grown by yet another forward-thinking dental clinic. We are happy to welcome Make My Tooth (MMT) – Jaunpur branch which is managed by Dr. Prafulla Rai! The first dental practice from the group was established in Varanasi back in 2014. In the following years, seven new locations emerged in the Purvanchal region (Eastern U.P.).

The dental professionals within the MMT group are devoted to delivering world-class dental treatment at affordable prices in this rather underdeveloped region. They believe that dental care is a basic human right which should be available to all people regardless of their gender, race, skin color, political views, religion or socioeconomic status.

Embracing Dentacoin

Dr. Prafulla Rai heard about Dentacoin from a fellow dentist who had already become Dentacoin Partner. Stepping on our shared values and the very positive impressions of his colleague, Dr. Rai quickly got excited about joining the big Dentacoin family.

“I’m very impressed by Dentacoin’s project! I think it can be implemented very well in my clinic. Along with the ISO standard, now we’ve got a DENTACOIN standard! I’ve always strived to make our clinic stand out! Now we’re among the dental innovators in India!”

Dr. Prafulla Rai, Dental Surgeon
Make My Tooth – Jaunpur Branch Manager

Make My Tooth (MMT) – Jaunpur branch has already announced the implementation of Dentacoin payments and will gradually introduce all Dentacoin Apps to their patients so that they can start earning DCN rewards. As usual, Dentacoin marketing team will provide Dr. Rai with the necessary guidance and educational materials to enable a smooth start.

Write Your Trusted Review

Have you ever visited Make My Tooth (MMT) – Jaunpur branch for a dental checkup? Share your feedback with other patients from your region and get rewarded in DCN!

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